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How to wash sheets for the first time?

How to wash sheets for the first time

Newly bought sheets have an odor, which is the smell of formaldehyde. In the process of producing bedsheets, the addition of formaldehyde is used to prevent the shortcoming of wrinkling of the fabric. Therefore, it is best to soak the newly purchased sheets in saltwater before using them and wash them before use. Because the carcinogen of anti-wrinkle treatment, formaldehyde, may remain on the new sheets. Under the high pressure and high-temperature environment, the formaldehyde molecules are combined with the cotton fiber molecules, which can produce an anti-wrinkle effect. Salt can disinfect, prevent bacteria, and prevent cotton fading, so it is best to soak in saltwater before using new sheets. For the sake of health, don’t be afraid of trouble, and prevention should be the priority.

In addition to the special materials for washing sheets, it is necessary to indicate that they cannot be washed with water, just like silk. Generally, after pouring the washing powder into it, the water temperature of the sheets should not exceed 30 degrees, and the soaking time will not be too long. Unnecessary fading may occur due to the use of alkaline detergents or the water temperature is too high or the detergent is not evenly dissolved or soaked for too long. When washing sheets, if they are cotton sheets, you should put the washing powder into the water first, and after it is completely dissolved, put the cotton

The newly bought clothes are washed first and then put on the body, the same is true for the bedsheets, so how should the newly bought bedsheets be washed?


First of all, the sheets are too large to wash by hand, so it is more appropriate to choose a washing machine.

washing machine

Second, pour an appropriate amount of laundry detergent into the washing machine, put the sheets in the drum, and select the appropriate cleaning mode to clean.

Third, if there is no washing machine at home, you can also soak the new sheets in a relatively large basin and soak them in warm water for about two hours.

 soak the new sheets

Fourth, wring out the sheets by hand until the water is no longer dripping, you can ask others to help wring them out together.

Fifth, dry the cleaned sheets on the balcony until the sun is dry.

dry the cleaned sheets

Sixth, spread the dried sheets onto the bed so you can enjoy the new sheets.