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How often should you wash your sheets?

How often should you wash your sheets

According to the survey, the average person in Europe and the United States consumes about 5 sheets per year, while in China, the average person consumes one sheet every 5 years. As for how often to wash the sheets, some data show that most people wash them every 10-14 days, and some people change them every three weeks or even a month. People often think that the bed is the cleanest place, in fact, the bed is the “dirtiest” place.

What’s on the sheets that you don’t wash in a week?

  1. Dander and other skin cells are shed by the human body, and these shed cells are also food for mites. Mites and their excrement will gradually build up on the sheets.
  2. Some people like to sit in bed while watching TV and eating snacks, so some food crumbs, oil stains, residues, etc. will inevitably fall on the sheets.
  3. The dust, pollen, and insects in the air will fall on the sheets.
  4. The sweat excreted by the human body and the hair loss by pets will accumulate on the sheets, as well as some other daily activities and behaviors, which will undoubtedly increase the number of bacteria and mites on the sheets.

How often should you wash your sheets?

Summer: In the hot summer, people generally do not put on bedsheets, but choose cool mats. If bed sheets are still used in summer, the frequency of changing bed sheets will be higher, usually once a week, even for users who use mats. Pay attention to cleaning the mat regularly.

Winter: In the cold winter, the bed sheets do not need to be changed too frequently. Generally, the bedsheets and quilt covers can be changed once a month. Of course, the frequency of changing the bed sheets can also be determined according to your own preferences.

Spring and autumn: In spring, the temperature is gradually rising, and many bacteria are easy to breed. However, in autumn, the temperature is just right for the reproduction of a large number of bacteria from summer. At this time, bed sheets and quilts should be changed and washed frequently. Sheets and duvet covers are changed and cleaned once every two weeks.


  1. Prepare two extra sheets for each bed for frequent replacement.
  2. Wash the sheets once a week and the duvet cover once a month.
  3. The plain color sheets can have a relatively high water temperature and sterilize.
  4. Cotton, linen, silk, and bamboo fibers are better for bed sheets in summer.
  5. After the sheets are washed and dried, iron them at a high temperature of 110 degrees.
  6. Develop a good habit: change into pajamas after bathing before lying in bed.

When washing your sheets, adding some bleach will have the best antibacterial effect. It is best to soak it in hot water for 15-20 minutes before cleaning, and then put it in direct sunlight to sterilize it with ultraviolet rays.