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in-wash scent booster how to use?

in-wash scent booster how to use

Fragrance beads are rubbed, and then the smart microcapsules burst, releasing a pleasant fragrance, lasting fragrance on clothes, and resisting odors such as hot pot and barbecue. But many small partners do not know how to use it. How much should this dosage be used to achieve the best effect?

The correct way to use the fragrance beads:

  1. Put the clothes in the washing machine first
  2. Pour 1/2 cover (about 20-25g) of the fragrance beads directly into the drum (please do not sprinkle into the washing/softener tank)
  3. Add laundry detergent or other washing products
  4. If you want the clothes to be more soft and comfortable, anti-static, and shape and color protection, you can add Leju Softener
  5. Start the laundry program

Reminder, although the fragrance beads can be washed by hand, it is not recommended to wash them by hand. It is recommended to machine wash because the fragrance retention factor of the fragrance beads will penetrate more fully and evenly into the clothes fibers during the continuous stirring process of the washing machine, so as to achieve long-lasting fragrance.