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“Smith Kliss”

At last something that really works to clean towels and blankets used on a wet dog! Items now smell clean and can be put away.

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“Bethna Walsh”

Takes out tough stains. Dried blood. Grass, Oil (for oil I mix this with dawn let it sit and it's gone in the next wash) A tablespoon in your dishwater will leave you with glasses that look brand new. Separates proteins. Stuck on eggs, cheese you name it. You could probably get it cheaper but delivered at this price is a steal. I love it. I'm allergic to oxyclean but who cares this is better has more uses and it is cheaper.

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“John Doe”

Very impressive!!! I LOVE how fresh & cleaner my laundry is after using it with my clothes, towels, etc!!!! I had one piece of clothing that was stained and wasnt coming clean after each wash.. but just one wash with this washing powder and it was like new!!! I LOVE how it is natural too for those of us with allergies & sensitivities to many products... I found it takes a good bit of washing soda in a load.. about a cup of powder for a large load with my laundry.. So my only request is that they have more powder in the box because I go through it sooo much... it seems like we do alot of laundry around here! 😉

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