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Are laundry pods bad for your washer?

Are laundry pods bad for your washer

Laundry pods won’t do any harm to the washing machine. Detergent pods aren’t bad for your washer as long as you follow all its usage instructions carefully.

Laundry pods are where the laundry liquid is coated with a protective layer that can be dissolved in water to fix the incoming laundry liquid.

The de-contracting process of the outer layer is actually easy to dissolve in water. After dissolving in water, its composition is actually similar to that of washing liquid, which does no harm to clothes and washing machines.

Detergent pods are suitable for all types of washing machines, including drum washing machines and wave wheel washing machines. However, when the drum washing machine uses the condensed beads of the washing machine, it needs to be placed correctly. It is best to put them under the clothes or put them in as far as possible to avoid the condensed beads rolling into the sealing ring when the washing machine rotates. Laundry gel bead is an innovative washing product. The interior is concentrated laundry liquid, and the outside is wrapped by transparent PVA water-soluble film. In the case of water, the film will melt automatically, which is very convenient to use.

matters needing attention

  1. Please wash the clothes that are easy to fade separately to avoid dyeing
  2. Don’t tear, cut, pinch or puncture the beads. The water-soluble outer membrane will dissolve automatically.
  3. Please keep it sealed. Don’t touch the beads with wet hands to avoid melting.
  4. Do not put laundry beads into the feed box.
  5. Don’t let children touch it to avoid eating candy by mistake. In case of accidental ingestion or splashing into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and send to a doctor in time.
  6. Water free or water-saving drum washing machine is not suitable for this product.
  7. Do not use the ultra fast washing mode for less than 18 minutes.