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Types of detergent for laundry

Types of detergent for laundry

laundry is one of the essential activities of every family every day. As long as you do laundry, you must use detergents. There are many laundry products on the market, including laundry detergent, laundry liquid, laundry soap, fabric softener, laundry bags, laundry balls, and more.

liquid detergent

Advantage: It has good solubility, mildness, more functions, no pollution, and the washed clothes are fluffy, soft, and smooth.

Ingredient formula: Laundry liquid core masterbatch, all-purpose emulsifier, water, essence, pigment, preservative, salt, wire drawing powder, etc.

Clothes suitable for washing: The liquid detergent is suitable for intimate clothing, baby clothing, and silk or wool.

Usage and dosage: The packaging of the laundry detergent is printed on the dosage of machine washing and hand washing, and you can put an appropriate amount of detergent according to the standard.

Use warm water or cold water for liquid laundry detergent: warm water is better, 40-50 ℃ water temperature is suitable for washing cotton fabrics, and 35 ℃ water temperature is suitable for washing wool fabrics.

washing powder

Advantages: relatively affordable price, strong decontamination ability.

Ingredient formula: Sodium alkyl aryl sulfonate, trisodium phosphate, sodium silicate, sodium sulfate, carboxymethyl cellulose, fluorescent agent, etc.

Clothes suitable for washing: It is suitable for cleaning oily or heavy clothes and coats.

Usage and dosage: The dosage of washing powder for hand washing 5-8 pieces of ordinary clothes is 2 spoons; the dosage of washing powder for machine washing 8-10 pieces of ordinary clothes is 3-4 spoons.

Use warm water or cold water: Water at about 40°C is the most suitable. Too high or too low water temperature will affect the activity of the enzyme preparation.

The difference between washing powder and soap powder: washing powder is easy to agglomerate, and clothes are prone to static electricity after washing; soap powder has strong detergency, ultra-low foam, and easy rinsing.

laundry soap

Advantages: Hydrophilic, natural material, less skin irritation, good decontamination effect, cheap, suitable for handwashing.

Clothes suitable for washing: Suitable for spotting stains, suitable for washing small items of clothing.

The main ingredient of laundry soap is sodium salt of fatty acid, so laundry soap is alkaline.

The difference between laundry soap and bath soap: Laundry soap is a kind of soap. Laundry soap is more suitable for cleaning the dirt on clothes, and the damage to human skin is greatly reduced.

Can you still use laundry soap after it has expired? It is best not to use it. Expired laundry soap may produce mold, which can cause skin allergies after use.

fabric softener

Is Fabric Softener Necessary: ​​Useful, but sparingly, fabric conditioners make clothes softer, less static and smell fresher.

The ingredient formula of the fabric softener: is made up of emulsification and compounding of double long-chain alkyl cationic surfactant, thickener, emulsion stabilizer, essence, etc.

How to use fabric softener: First, use laundry detergent, washing powder and other products to clean the clothes. Then dilute the softener with water according to the instructions, soak the clothes in it, and wash and dry again.

laundry pods

What are laundry pods? This is an innovative laundry product, specially designed for washing machines, which is easy to operate, does not dirty hands, and has good stain removal ability.

Laundry pods ingredient formula: surfactant, stabilizer, neutralizer, dispersant, clothes freshening agent, fragrance, protease, cellulase, amylase, etc.

How to use laundry pods: Put in the clothes to be washed, after starting the washing machine, the laundry pods can be used when they meet water.

Bleach liquid

The difference between bleach and color bleach: Bleach is mainly used for white clothes and water purification. Color bleach has excellent stain removal, sterilization, deodorization and other functions, and will not damage the fabric.

How to use bleach: When using bleach, it needs to be diluted with water, soak the clothes in it for 45 minutes, and then wash it with conventional methods.

How to use color bleach: color bleach and washing powder should be used at the same time. If you can wash with warm water, the effect is ideal.

Other laundry detergents

Laundry bag: a bag used to protect clothes during machine washing, put underwear, sweaters or other items that are afraid of deformation in, zip up the zipper, and put it into the washing machine for washing.

Laundry ball: a ball that can directly wash clothes or assist in washing clothes, and can replace washing powder or softener.

Washing Machine Filter Bags: During the machine washing process, the fibers of the clothes will fall off the clothes, and without a filter device, it is easy to jam the drain valve.

Laundry brush: It can clean the dirt off clothes. After soaking the clothes in laundry detergent, you can use a soft brush to wash them.