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bulk laundry detergent pods

bulk laundry detergent pods

Laundry pods are not only far more convenient than laundry detergent and washing powder, but also have certain advantages in terms of cleaning efficiency. Its effective cleaning ingredients are generally higher than the national standard laundry detergent formula, and the cleaning power is stronger. Laundry products that combine multiple ingredients into one.

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Product Description


bulk laundry detergent pods

Laundry detergent capsules are a relatively recent product innovation.

This detergent form has been progressively introduced to the European market over the last decade.

Now, laundry detergent capsules are used daily by millions of people across Europe.

Consumers experience the convenience of laundry detergent capsules as their primary benefit.

Type Single room, double room, 3 in 1, etc
Shape Heart, square, LO, etc.
Color Red, green, yellow, etc.
Fragrance Flower and others
Brand Name OEM
Weight 10g,15g,20g, etc
Inner package Bag or plastic box
Outer package Carton etc.
MOQ 5000 pieces
The Attributes and Advantages of Laundry pods:

1. There is a problem with quantitative, laundry detergent and laundry detergent. It is not good to pour too much or less. There is an upper limit to the cleaning power. The bottle didn’t lift. If you follow the instructions and the exact amount, the wash is the cleanest. And if you put less, the cleaning power will not reach the maximum, and if you put too much, there will be waste and residue. Condensate beads are quantitative in this regard, so you don’t need to think too much, and they are portable and convenient. One is done.

2. The advantages of ingredients, are the laundry beads do not contain fluorescent agents or whitening agents, and the main focus is environmental protection. Highly concentrated, for example, more than 80% of laundry detergent is water, while 90% of beads are useful substances and 10% of moisture. At least in terms of transportation and warehouse storage, beads have advantages.

3. The fragrance retention effect is good. Because of the protection of the film, the fragrance retention will not easily evaporate over time, so the fragrance retention effect is the best, and some can even achieve 72 hours of fragrance retention. Of course, there are known as 7 days of retention. Fragrance, a 30-day fragrance, is mostly a gimmick.

4. Sterilize and remove mites, the cause of the epidemic situation, the reason for the good stability of condensate beads, and the effect of sterilizer and miticide is very good. So it is a very healthy and environmentally friendly product.