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hypoallergenic detergent pods

hypoallergenic detergent pods

Although high detergency, deodorization and sterilization are the primary needs of the public for lotion products, under the conditions of increasing cleaning power, the chemical components in them may also have a great impact on human health and the environment. In addition, clothes will directly contact the skin when wearing, and products with too many artificial additives may cause skin irritation or allergy to small babies or people with sensitive skin, and the wastewater discharged after laundry may also pollute the ecological environment.

These hypoallergenic detergent pods do not use surfactants containing petrochemical origins. It is a natural ingredient extracted from plants. It is not only safe to use and does not irritate the skin, but also protects clothing fibers, creating a natural, non-toxic life. At the same time, make a contribution to the environment.

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Product Description


hypoallergenic detergent pods

Laundry detergent capsules are a relatively recent product innovation.

This detergent form has been progressively introduced to the European market over the last decade.

Now, laundry detergent capsules are used daily by millions of people across Europe.

Consumers experience the convenience of laundry detergent capsules as their primary benefit.

Type Single room, double room, 3 in 1, etc
Shape Heart, square, LO, etc.
Color Red, green, yellow, etc.
Fragrance Flower and others
Brand Name OEM
Weight 10g,15g,20g, etc
Inner package Bag or plastic box
Outer package Carton etc.
MOQ 5000 pieces
The Attributes and Advantages of Laundry pods:

This product emphasizes that it does not contain chemical essences and fluorescent agents, and because of the addition of natural olive oil essence, the clothes after washing have a faint fragrance, which may save a fortune on the purchase of clothing fragrances.

Because of the natural ingredients, this product is highly recommended for those with sensitive skin. I believe it can reduce the discomfort caused by the lotion remaining on the clothes. The reason for its popularity is also that it has five major properties of decontamination, deodorization, whitening, antibacterial, and mite removal. Coupled with a moderate price, it should be a product that can satisfy you.