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Detergent pods how to use?

detergent pods

As a new generation of washing artifacts, detergent pods can be called small stature and high energy. Compared with traditional laundry products, detergent pods have stronger decontamination ability and longer-lasting fragrance. So how to use it to give full play to the maximum effect of detergent pods? Let me tell you below.

Detergent pods have the advantages of simple operation, convenience and no dirty hands. A small detergent pod can wash a barrel of clothes. The smell is fragrant, the texture is soft and smooth, the thickness is moderate, the nature is mild and does not hurt the clothes, and the unique low foam concentration color-locking formula is easier to rinse. The coagulated pods dissolve in water without residue, and can effectively and quickly remove stubborn stains, making the clothes as clean as new.

If a wave wheel washing machine is used, the detergent pods should be directly placed at the bottom of the washing machine barrel. If a drum washing machine is used, the detergent pods should be placed below the rear wall of the washing machine barrel. Do not put the pods into the material box.

First: Machine wash
Don’t cut it, just put it in the washing machine and it will dissolve by itself

The second method: hand washing
Directly put the detergent pod into cold water, and they will dissolve automatically in a minute or two. Then put the clothes down and soak them for a while, and then rub and wash them to clean them!

Put the detergent pods in a bottle or small watering can then pour in water and spray as much as you want after dissolving