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Are washing pods better than liquid?

Are washing pods better than liquid

The veteran-level cleaning agent for clothes cleaning is washing powder, and with the continuous development of clothing cleaning agents, detergent pods and liquid detergents have appeared, and then there is an additional choice when purchasing clothing cleaning agents. So for laundry beads and laundry detergent, which is better for detergent pods or liquid detergents?

Detergent pods and liquid detergents are both new types of laundry detergents under the continuous development of laundry detergent. So which is better, detergent pods or liquid detergent? Here are some comparisons to answer this question:

  1. cleaning power

Detergent pods: It is a kind of laundry detergent wrapped in a water-soluble film, and then dissolves in water to wash clothes. Its composition is environmentally friendly, and the decontamination and cleaning effect is relatively strong.

Liquid detergent: The composition is relatively mild, suitable for cleaning some dusty clothes. The decontamination ability of laundry detergent is weaker, but the technical content of liquid detergent is high, and the damage to clothes is small.

  1. solubility

Detergent pods: It is the kind that melts when it meets water, so the solubility is the highest.

Liquid detergent: The ingredients are similar to laundry detergent, its water solubility will be better, but there will be more bubbles.

  1. use

Detergent pods: suitable for cleaning clothes such as cotton and linen, more suitable for cleaning clothes that are not too dirty, too dirty and difficult to clean.

Liquid detergent: For clothes with fewer stains and less resistant silk, you can choose laundry detergent to clean them.

The decontamination ability of detergent pods is also good, and the ingredients are also very environmentally friendly. The discharged waste liquid will not pollute the environment, but the unit price is too high at 3-5 yuan per piece, so it must be used with the washing machine. Liquid detergents are milder, less irritating to the skin and easier to rinse off. However, the decontamination ability is relatively weak, and the damage to the clothes is small. It is more suitable for cleaning clothes that are worn close to the body or clothes with relatively high-grade materials. It is recommended to be used for hand-washing clothes such as baby clothes and underwear.