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Why does sulphur soap bring out the scabies?

Why does sulphur soap bring out the scabies

Sulfur soap cannot be directly used to treat scabies, but because sulfur soap contains certain sulfur components, it has a certain bactericidal effect. Therefore, using sulfur soap to wash after scabies can achieve the effect of adjuvant treatment of scabies.

Scabies is a contagious skin disease caused by the scabies mites (also known as scabies) parasitic on the surface of the human skin. In the early stage of the disease, it may only be local itching and small papules, but if it is not treated in time, symptoms may appear throughout the body as the disease progresses. Because scabies is contagious, most patients have symptoms first between the fingers, followed by the armpit and elbow fossa. Symptoms will also appear in parts such as scabies, groin, and lower abdomen. This is because scabies like to hide in the folds. These parts are relatively moist and warm, with wrinkles, and the skin is relatively thin and tender, which is conducive to the reproduction and growth of scabies. Scabies often travels to the surface of the skin at night, so the itching symptoms of scabies patients are especially obvious at night.

After clinical scabies, it can be treated with sulfur cream or salicylic acid cream under the guidance of a doctor. During treatment, skin care and health care must be done well, keep clean and hygienic, and bed sheets and quilts need to be washed in time to avoid symptoms of infection. Change underwear frequently, families and dormitories find patients, they should be treated at the same time, in order to avoid mutual infection and repeat the disease. Wash your hands with soap or sulfur soap after touching someone with scabies to avoid contamination.

After the onset of scabies, the patient will have unbearable itching symptoms. The patient often scratches and has blood spots, which will seriously affect the normal life and survival of the patient. Therefore, once the disease of scabies occurs, the patient’s friend We must pay attention to go to the hospital for regular treatment in a timely manner because the disease of scabies is contagious to a certain extent, so we must cooperate with the doctor’s medicine for treatment to be completely cured, otherwise one person will get scabies and the whole family will be infected. occur.

Scabies disease should be detected early and treated early. For scabies patients within two weeks, sulfur ointment can be applied all over the body, and it is best to bathe with hot water and sulfur soap before applying the ointment. The effect is quite good. Yes, but remind everyone that whether it is sulfur soap or sulfur cream, only the smell of sulfur is real. If there is no sulfur smell, it is fake. Use only after consulting a doctor. People suffering from scabies should pay attention to personal hygiene. They should not share the bed with others. The daily necessities of the patients should be separated, and the clothes should be washed separately.

The occurrence of scabies can be said to be a very painful thing because scabies is very contagious, so in our daily life, we must actively do relevant preventive work in the face of the occurrence of scabies. In daily life, patients and friends should pay attention to maintaining their own hygiene, and their clothes should be disinfected to avoid infecting others.