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Why does sulfur soap bring out scabies?

Why does sulfur soap bring out scabies

The use of sulfur soap has a certain auxiliary treatment effect on scabies. Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease caused by the scabies mites parasitizing the skin.

Bathing with sulfur soap in the treatment of scabies, the effect is quite good. It is worth noting whether it is a sulfur soap or a sulfur paste. The ones with the smell of sulfur are real, those without the smell of sulfur are fake.

Scabies is not uncommon in our lives, and their itchiness and strong contagion make many friends sound afraid. In addition to treatment, scabies patients should pay attention to daily care and should not use overly stimulating drugs. So, can you use sulfur soap for scabies? What else should you pay attention to?

Scabies is caused by a kind of mites that are invisible to the naked eye – scabies mites invade the skin of the human body. After the scabies mites burrow into the skin, it is a mechanical stimulus, and the dead scabies mites and the egg feces of the scabies mites can cause skin irritation. Allergies, cause papules, blisters, or pustules on the skin, accompanied by extreme itching. Scabies mites usually like to invade the delicate parts of the skin, such as fingers, wrists, elbow fossa, armpits, under the nipples, vulva, groin, and so on.

People with scabies can use sulfur soap, and it can help. Because sulfur is added to the soap base, hydrogen sulfide and pentachlorosulfonic acid can be produced when bathing, which has a bactericidal effect. We know that natural hot springs also contain sulfur and minerals, so they have health care functions. Moreover, sulfur soap has the function of inhibiting sebum secretion, killing bacteria, fungi, molds, mites, and parasites. Patients can apply sulfur ointment to the affected area after bathing with sulfur soap, and the effect is still very good.