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Can you use dish soap on cats?

Can you use dish soap on cats

Dishwashing liquid can’t bathe cats, and human body soap can’t bathe cats because the alkalinity in it is too high to be suitable. Cat’s hair will become dry and dull after use.

  1. The main components of detergent The main components of detergent are sodium alkyl sulfonate, sodium fatty alcohol ether sulfate, foaming agent, solubilizer, essence, water, pigment and preservative. Sodium alkyl sulfonate and sodium fatty alcohol ether sulfate are both anionic surfactants, which are petrochemical products used to decontaminate oily stains. If the cat accidentally ingests it while bathing, the excess will lead to cat death or severe diarrhea and gastroenteritis. .
  2. The detergent is a surfactant and can also cause the cat’s hair to fall out and become dry and messy.

Do not bathe cats with human body washes, because cats and humans have different PH values, and human body washes contain spices, which will have a certain impact on the cat’s skin health. Regular use can cause red rash and itching. Principles for choosing to use human shampoo:

1. Choose a neutral and fragrance-free body wash;

2. Please stop when the skin rash appears after bathing your pet.

3. Stop when you have excessive itching symptoms after bathing your pet. Therefore, it is the correct choice to use a professional cat body wash when bathing your cat, and you can also use baby bath soap without tear formula for your cat. Remember to blow dry your hair after taking a shower to avoid catching a cold.