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What is washing powder?

Washing powder

The meaning of WASHING POWDER is soap in the form of a powder that is used to wash clothes, towels, sheets, etc.

Who invented laundry detergent?

In 1907, German Han Gao invented washing powder for the first time with borate and silicate as the main raw materials. Washing powder is an alkaline synthetic detergent. The main component of washing powder is an anionic surfactant: Sodium Alkylbenzene Sulfonate, a small amount of non-ionic surfactant, plus some additives, phosphate, silicate, sodium sulfate, fluorescent agent, enzyme, etc Powder spraying, and other processes, now most of them use 4A fluorspar instead of phosphate.

laundry detergent history

After the 1940s, with the development of the chemical industry, people used the chemical substance extracted from petroleum – sodium tetrapolypropylene benzene sulfonate to produce detergent with better performance than soap. Later, phosphate, which can soften hard water and improve the decontamination effect of detergent, was added to the detergent, so that the performance of the detergent was more perfect. For the convenience of use, carrying, storage and transportation, people make detergent into washing powder.
Because washing powder can show a good decontamination effect in well water, river water, tap water, spring water, even seawater and other water quality, and is widely used in all kinds of fabrics, its production and use have developed rapidly. Now, washing powder is a necessary washing product for almost every family.

laundry detergent use

Wash clothes
One of the most direct functions of washing powder is that it can be used to clean clothes, which is also the basic function of washing powder. It can help the human body wash away the residual dirt on clothes.
Dispel insect itch
Washing powder is alkaline and has a good deodorizing and insect repellent effect. If you are accidentally bitten by insects, you can apply an appropriate amount of washing powder water at the bite, which can help alleviate the acid itching after the bite to a certain extent.
Clean the floor
Washing powder has a good cleaning effect. Pour washing powder into clean water, shake it evenly, spray it on the wooden floor, and then mop the floor with a mop, which can not only clean the stubborn oil stains on the floor but also prevent insects on the wooden floor.