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Can I wash my hair with laundry detergent?

Can I wash my hair with laundry detergent

Do not wash your hair with washing powder, because washing your hair with washing powder will cause scalp and facial skin allergies, lose luster, become brittle and break from the root.

Washing powder is an alkaline chemical lotion synthesized from Sodium Alkylbenzene sulfate, sodium sulfate, sodium toluene iodate and carboxymethyl fiber. Hands often contact washing powder and washing water, which is easy to cause keratinization and chapping of the skin; Washing your hair with washing powder will make your hair yellow, brittle and fall off; After entering the hematopoietic system, it will affect liver function.

A scalp is a place with a lot of oil secretion. The scalp needs a lot of sebum to maintain the physiological function of the skin. The acidic environment created by sebum fermentation will inhibit the reproduction of scalp fungi.

Washing powder wash hair is really clean, but it will wash more sebum off the scalp, which will do great harm to the scalp and gradually be replaced by a more mild shampoo.

Before the invention of shampoo, we used alkaline soap, soap, washing cream and washing powder to wash our hair; Later, there was shampoo, which was less alkaline and milder, which could retain more “sebum” and better protect the scalp.

Washing your hair with washing powder will damage your hair and cause your hair to turn yellow and dry. It’s better not to wash your hair with washing powder. It won’t play any role, but it will damage your hair.