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What is the best laundry detergent?

Highly active and biodegradable washing powder

Washing powder is something that people use every day in their lives, and a good washing powder should not hurt hands and has a strong decontamination ability, so what is the best laundry detergent?

Now I recommend to you our laundry detergents.

It is natural, safe and non-toxic. It is obtained from the mineral elements in the natural ocean. It has undergone various tests and skin tests in many countries. It has no chemically synthesized interface active agents and other ingredients. It uses the physical properties of active mineral elements in the formula and releases “resonant wave energy” ”, decomposes all kinds of dirt, odor and harmful ingredients that are blocked in the pores and hair, washes and descales, and has hygienic functions. It can be used for all skin types at one time, and it is more suitable for laundry with problematic skin.

After washing, the clothes are soft and not hard. It is cold in winter and the clothes are thick. After washing and drying the clothes, they often feel dry and rough, and the skin is very uncomfortable when wearing them. However, our washing powder can solve this problem. Whether it is machine-washed, the clothes are very soft after washing, and it is not easy to be hard.

Good solubility in winter, the water temperature is low. Compared with other soap powder products on the market, our washing powder has obvious advantages in dissolution speed. It can also be dissolved quickly in cold water, and there is basically no undissolved washing powder residue after washing.

Low foam, easy to rinse, low residue. When the water is cold in winter, if there is too much foam when washing intimate clothes, it is very troublesome to rinse. The outstanding feature of washing powder is that it has less foam during washing, it can be easily rinsed, and there is almost no alkaline residue. It is very convenient to wash by hand or machine.

The hand-washing of intimate clothing does not feel dry. When using laundry detergent to wash clothes, the skin on the hands will feel uncomfortable, tight and dry after washing, and the skin on the hands will become rough if washing frequently. However, the national patented formula of washing powder that does not scald when exposed to water can solve this problem well. It replaces the alkaline ingredients in traditional washing powder that are more harmful to hand skin with a new formula and contains natural palm oil, which improves the hand protection performance of washing powder. After washing, the clothes are also gentle on the skin and will not irritate the skin.