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Can you use dish soap on dogs?

Can you use dish soap on dogs

More and more owners will bathe their dogs at home, but the body wash used when bathing the dog is very particular. Some owners have no experience because they are newbies, and some owners will take people for convenience. Shower gel, shampoo, or even dishwashing detergent can be used to bathe dogs. Dishwashing detergent cannot be used to bathe dogs. It is very harmful to use dishwashing detergent to bathe dogs.

Dishwashing liquid should not be used to bathe dogs. The pH of the dog’s skin is different from that of humans, and the main function of the detergent is to remove oil. Using the wrong bath will damage the dog’s own skin protective barrier, and it is easy to cause secondary skin problems. Dogs need to use professional dog shampoo to bathe. After bathing, they need to rinse off the residual bath as much as possible and dry their hair in time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when giving your dog a bath.

1: Do not wash with human bath products

For convenience, many owners will use human body wash, shampoo, detergent, or even washing powder to bathe dogs. In fact, the pH of dog and human skin is different. Human baths are alkaline. Sexually, the pH of the dog’s skin is neutral. If the two meet and fail to neutralize, the oil on the surface of the dog’s skin will be washed away, the hair follicles of the dog’s skin will be damaged, and the dog’s hair will be damaged. Fading and even hair loss, so bathing the dog are to wash the dog with pet shampoo, such as a dog shampoo.

2: Take a bath and don’t wash it too often

Many owners do not know if they have a cleanliness addiction or what is the reason. They give their dogs a bath every two or three days. Especially in summer, some dogs have a heavier body odor. Many owners bathe their dogs more frequently. If the dog is bathed frequently, it will also damage the health of the dog’s skin and damage the dog’s hair follicles. Generally, it is enough to give the dog a bath once every two weeks. If the dog is a little dirty outside, the owner can use a wet Just wipe the dog with a towel. If the dog has a body odor, you can spray the dog with some Wangxiang deodorant spray.

3: Dry in time after bathing

Another point to note is that when bathing the dog, the owner should pay attention to drying it in time. Many lakers usually don’t pay attention after bathing the dog, especially in the summer when the dog is wet The hair runs around. The owner wants to let the dog dry naturally, which can easily cause the dog to have skin diseases, the dog is easy to fade, or the hair loss occurs, so the owner is giving the dog Dry your dog in time after bathing.