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Why does my washing powder not dissolve?

Why does my washing powder not dissolve?

Washing powder is solid powder, with strong decontamination power and low cost. However, there are some shortcomings. The washing powder is not easy to dissolve and needs to be stirred and waited.

First look at the chemical composition of washing powder; The main component of washing powder is sodium dodecyl sulfonate, which is an alkaline anionic surfactant. All ionic surfactants have a temperature point, Krafft point. When the temperature exceeds this temperature point, the solubility of ionic surfactant in an aqueous solution will rise rapidly, which is conducive to the washing of clothes. In winter, the temperature is low, the solubility of surfactant is small, the washing effect decreases, and even the residue of washing powder appears. However, the temperature should not be too high. Too high will deteriorate the stains such as protein, make it difficult to wash, and inactivate the enzymes with decontamination ability. Of course, the concentration of washing powder is not easy to be too much. The critical micelle solubility of washing (that is, the temperature at which surfactants can exist in molecular clusters in water) increases rapidly, and the concentration increases again, but the washing effect does not increase.

Put aside technical terms. Take the simplest example. For example, when white granulated sugar is put into ice water, it is found that there will be precipitation at the bottom of the cup. The white sugar did not melt completely. If it is warm water, this situation will not exist.
Because temperature can affect the activity of chemicals. Generally speaking, the activity will increase with the increase of temperature in a certain range.
Then washing powder is the same.

You can dissolve the hard lump with some hot water, then it may still be left. Then rinse it two times, and if there is a bubble, you can put some white vinegar. Because the detergent is alkaline, it will dissolve when it meets acid. It contains vinegar essence in the vinegar, and some white vinegar in the washing machine so that it can quickly neutralize the froth of the detergent. And very thorough, there will be no harm, but also play the role of sterilization. In the future, if the foam is not easy to rinse or wash out, the clothes will be watermarked and soaked in white vinegar. What’s more, it will not only cause no harm and danger but also make the clothes more beautiful.