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Can you use dish soap to wash your car?

Can you use dish soap to wash your car

Washing the car with ordinary dish soap will cause damage to the car. Using a dish soap that does not hurt hands will cause less damage. If you wash your car without a car wash, you can still use it occasionally.

It’s like doing laundry when you run out of laundry detergent, occasionally substituting hand sanitizer for a wash or two will get it clean, but may not have the fabric-specific protection.

Does the cleaning effect of dish soap work for the car?

Dishwashing liquid cannot clean the dirt on the surface of the car paint in a targeted manner

The dishwashing detergent is mainly designed for oil stains in the kitchen, dirt on tableware, fruits, and vegetables, and some dishwashing detergents can also wash silky clothes.

From the design point of view, the dish soap does not seem to have a specially optimized design for the dirt on the paint surface.

Ingredients like surfactants can break down greasy stains

But dish soap contains surfactants and emulsifiers, which can dissolve, emulsify, and disperse all kinds of greasy stains and harmful substances, and then rinse them off with water.

It’s like moving house, dismantling all the furniture into wooden boards, and then stacking them together and transporting them away.

Surfactants are widely used in many cleaning agents

Then the surfactant in it is not a substance, but a general term for a variety of substances with decontamination functions, many types, such as sodium linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, sodium fatty alcohol ether sulfate, etc.

The application is very extensive, all kinds of cleaning agents and detergents are available, and there are also car wash liquids. It’s like red wine and shochu, your taste is definitely different, both have alcohol.

Why can’t you wash your car with dish soap for a long time?

Therefore, although the dish soap is not specially optimized for the car paint, it does have a cleaning effect on the dirt on the surface of the car paint, so the detergent can be used occasionally, why not use it for a long time?

Long-term use may cause damage to car paint

Because it may still cause damage to the car paint, most detergents are alkaline.

This is because the oil will be hydrolyzed under alkaline conditions to generate higher fatty acid sodium, which is also a type of surfactant. To put it simply, a part of the oil itself is converted into a cleaning agent under alkaline conditions.

It’s like in a specific environment, some enemies will be countered, change a logo on the head, and immediately turn the gun head to hit.

Since an alkaline environment is helpful for decontamination, it is better to make it alkaline.

Alkaline substances will cause certain damage to the car paint, often use a relatively strong alkaline detergent to wash the car, the car paint is easy to loses this luster.

The grease in the paint will be washed away, accelerating the aging of the car paint

The grease in the paint will be washed away, accelerating the aging of the car paint

In addition, since the paint is called paint, it has grease components inside, and the paint film it forms contains polymer resins, natural resins, and modified greases.

The surfactant in the detergent has a strong ability to remove grease, and it will wash off part of the grease in the paint, which accelerates the aging of the car paint.

It’s like you use a steel ball to madly brush the non-stick pan over there. You can clean it, but you will also brush off the non-stick coating of the non-stick pan. The reason is the same.

Can also cause serious damage to car wax

In the same way, car wax is also these oils produced by animals, plants or minerals.

In this way, the surface-active agent will decompose the wax, and as the water is washed away, the RMB will cause devastating damage to the protective wax.

It was as if at this time of the war, although the prisoner had defected and became a friendly army, he was still wearing the clothes of the enemy army, and he was killed without saying that he was a good person.

Therefore, the dish soap will still wash off the car wax. Friends who have just waxed the car should pay special attention. It is best not to use detergent.

May cause damage to sealing strips, etc.

The dish soap will not only accelerate the oxidation of the paint but also react with the rubber.

Let the rubber lose its toughness, become hard and brittle, accelerate the aging of the rubber products such as the sealing strip and wiper on the door and window, and may even lose the sealing effect and sound insulation effect.

Just like the advertisements for calcium tablets say, if the calcium in the bones is reacted, the bones will become brittle, aged, and easily fractured, so it needs to be replaced, right?

Would a dish soap that won’t hurt your hands won’t hurt your car?

Well, some friends said that my detergent is not ordinary detergent, I am a detergent that does not hurt hands, since it does not hurt hands, it will not hurt the car.

Dish soap that won’t hurt your hands also hurt your car?

This may be a bit of a misunderstanding. In fact, it does not mean that the detergent that does not hurt hands just removes the alkalinity, it is not the case.

Washing essence hurts hands because its surfactant has a strong cleaning ability, and it also washes off the protective oil on the surface of the skin on the hands, which will cause dry skin, aging and peeling of the stratum corneum, and even allergies.

Just like an apple, if you peel it off, it will quickly turn yellow and dehydrate, right? Therefore, the detergent does not hurt the hands. It has little relationship with acidity and alkalinity. The detergent that does not hurt the hands is basically alkaline.

As long as it is alkaline dish soap, it will cause damage to the car paint and rubber products. More often, it will not hurt the hands. It is only a change in degree, not a change in nature, which is weaker.

But less harmful than ordinary dish soap

As I said earlier, in addition to being alkaline, the detergent will damage the car, and the surfactants it contains will also damage the paint.

But not all surfactants have such a powerful power. Our commonly used shampoos and shower gels also contain surfactants. I have never heard that shower gels will hurt the body after washing, right?

It’s like firecrackers will explode, but some firecrackers are so powerful that the mountain trembles and explodes loudly. Some of the power is not that great. “Pfft” the child laughed, and it didn’t matter much if it was thrown on the ground and exploded.

Gentle surfactants in hand-friendly handwash

This is mainly due to the use of milder surfactant ingredients in shampoos and body washes, such as fatty alcohol phosphates, fatty alcohol polyether carboxylates, etc., the cleaning ability has become weaker, but fortunately, it does not hurt the skin.

The same principle is used for detergents that do not hurt hands. It uses milder surfactants as the main masterbatch and adjusts the formula to minimize damage to the skin.

Therefore, the damage to paints that also contain grease is also less than that of ordinary cleaners.

It’s like you used to rub your hands vigorously to rub off the things on the face, but it may be very painful and red when you rub your face. Now you get some water and gently wipe the dirty things off. The reason is the same.

Car wash liquid can be replaced occasionally with dish soap

Then if you don’t have a car wash when you wash your car, and you can’t find a substitute, you can occasionally replace it with these more advanced non-injury hand soaps, but you can’t use them for a long time.