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Can you use dish soap as laundry detergent?

Can you use dish soap as laundry detergenas laundry detergen

Dish soap is common in our daily life and is often used after washing. Dish soap has cleaning ability, so can the dish soap used to wash clothes, and can detergent replace washing powder?

Can dish soap wash clothes? 
Can. Dish soap can be used to clean clothes. Dish soap itself has a certain decontamination ability, especially for stains such as oil stains, it can play a good decontamination effect. If the clothes are stained with oily spots of some food, apply a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the oily spots for a few minutes, then dip an appropriate amount of water on the oily spots, and rub them with your hands to wash off the oily spots. Stubborn oil stains or long-term oil stains, detergents all have a certain effect.

Can dish soap replace washing powder?
No. Dishwashing liquid cannot be used as a substitute for laundry detergent. Although dish soap has cleaning ability and can remove oil stains well, it only has a cleaning effect on the oily stains on clothes. Stains are difficult to clean, and the dish soap will produce a lot of bubbles during the cleaning process. Repeated cleaning is required to thoroughly clean the dish soap on the clothes. In the long run, washing dish soap not only cannot completely clean the dirt on clothes but also may cause detergent residue on clothes if the cleaning is not thorough.

Is dish soap Toxic?
Dish soap is not poisonous. The dish soap has a strong ability to remove oil stains, so it also has a degreasing effect on the oil on the skin. However, the effect of dish soap on hand skin is also related to various factors such as washing frequency, detergent concentration, water quality and washing temperature. Generally speaking, many times of washing, high concentration of detergent, poor water quality, too cold and too hot water will aggravate the dry feeling of the skin. However, the washing of three meals a day in general families has basically no effect on the skin.

Can baby tableware be washed with dish soap?

Try not to use these chemicals to clean baby tableware. It is best to bubble it with boiling water and boil it. If it still doesn’t work, bubble it with saltwater, then wash it with hot boiling water and dry it in the sun.