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How to wash white clothes with oil stains?

How to wash white clothes with oil stains

How to wash white clothes with oil stains?

1 If the clothes are all white, wash them with 84 disinfectants. Pay attention to safety when cleaning. Wear plastic gloves and dilute the disinfectant with water to prevent the disinfectant from harming the skin.

2 You can also use light saltwater. Before washing clothes, put an appropriate amount of salt in the water, stir to dissolve it all, put it in the clothes and soak for about 40 minutes, then you can scrub and wash off the stains.

3 You can also try to use toothpaste to remove oil stains because the surfactant in toothpaste can change the molecular structure of oil stains so that oil stains can be easily detached from the surface of clothes. Squeeze the toothpaste on the stained area of ​​the clothes and scrub a few times to remove the oil stains. You can also mix a little toothpaste and washing powder on the oily stains to clean the oily stains.

4 Can also be washed with professional laundry detergent

5 Detergent can also remove oil stains from clothes. It is suitable for small oil stains, and it is a freshly sprayed oil stain. When the clothes have just been sprayed with a little oil stain, directly squeeze out an appropriate amount of detergent and apply it to the oil stain. To prevent the oil from spreading, rub a small area with both hands. Clothes are clean after washing with clean water.

6 As time goes on, the oil stains on the clothes will become more and more difficult to clean, so it is easier to remove the oil stains by cleaning in time.