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How to get dye out of clothes after drying?

How to get dye out of clothes after drying

Clothes should be washed in time after dyeing. If it has been dried, it is basically difficult to clean because the stains have been combined with the fabric. If the clothes are white fabrics that do not easily fade, you can try bleaching with bleach, but it is more difficult to restore them completely.

  1. Take the clothes to a professional dry cleaner for consultation, and ask a professional to handle it.
  2. For general light staining, use a stain removal brush to dip it in clean tetrachloroethylene to remove it.
  3. If it is all white clothes, you can use 84 disinfectants to add a certain amount of water to dilute it, and soak the clothes in water to bleach. If you want to clean more quickly, you can put warm water in the washing machine, add 84 disinfectants (half a tank of water and about a third of a bottle of disinfectant), dissolve and dilute, put in the clothes, cover the machine, and rinse for about 25 After 25 minutes, take out the clothes, and after the clothes dry, they will return to their original color.
  4. If the clothes are seriously dyed or not completely white, you can drop a few drops of 84 disinfectant directly on the dyed area (be careful not to let the disinfectant come into contact with other colors, otherwise other colors will also fall off), After the color has faded, wash the clothes with clean water. Note: It is best to wear rubber gloves during the whole process to prevent the 84 disinfectant from hurting the skin.
Ways to Avoid Staining Your Clothes

Ways to Avoid Staining Your Clothes

Teach you a way to reduce the chance of staining

  1. Soak new clothes in salt water: You can wash the new clothes you just bought with salt water, because the clothes washed with saltwater have a color-fixing effect, so the probability of dyeing the clothes will be much smaller.
  2. Color classification and washing: when we usually wash clothes

Clothes can be classified, dark colors are washed separately, and light colors are washed separately because dark clothes are generally easy to fade, this method can also be a good way to avoid dying.