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What is the best detergent for white clothes?

guangsheng liquid detergent

In life, many friends like to buy white clothes, but white clothes are the most difficult to clean. After wearing them for a long time, there will inevitably be some yellow stains on them or some other colors. So what is the best detergent for white clothes?

Why do white clothes turn yellow with more washing?

  1. When we use bleach to wash white clothes, there is not enough water after washing, and the bleach remains in the clothes, making the white clothes more yellow after washing. The water is alkaline and the water temperature is low. The harder the water is, the easier it is for white clothes to turn yellow.
  2. The cleaning supplies for cleaning white clothes are single, and the correct cleaning agent is not used for the stains. The decontamination is not thorough, and there is no secondary treatment. When drying, the white clothes will turn yellow. If the drying method is wrong, or if the white clothes are piled up and not dried, the white clothes will also turn yellow.

It is recommended to use this brightening laundry detergent for white clothes. It contains breakthrough high-efficiency cleaning particles, stronger detergency, and adds color conditioning technology to make white clothes whiter and colorful clothes more vivid.

Usage: Hand washes 2-3 pieces of clothing with a dosage of about 10g, which can be measured according to the scale line on the bottle cap.
Matters needing attention: Due to the high concentration of brightening laundry detergent, do not directly contact the original liquid laundry detergent with the clothes. Before use, the laundry detergent should be fully dissolved and diluted before putting it into the clothes for washing. Wash whites separately from dark, fading clothes to avoid staining.
The following is the daily cleaning method of washable clothes, if necessary, you can refer to washing:

  1. If there are no stubborn stains on the clothes, according to the back label of the product, dissolve an appropriate amount of laundry detergent in water, soak the clothes for 15 minutes, and then wash them normally.
    ※Warm reminder: Do not soak clothes that are easy to fade or shrink, and do not twist clothes vigorously.
  2. If there are local stains on the clothes, you can use the “dry clothes pre-coating method”: when the clothes are dry, apply a special hand-washing detergent to the stains, rub the stains gently after 5 minutes, and then wash the clothes regularly.
    ※Reminder: If the color of the clothes fades, it is recommended to try it on the hidden place of the clothes first, and then use this method if there is no color difference.

The concept of this product is environmentally friendly and natural. It will be specially designed for different clothes. The laundry effect is very good. It can clean and protect fine fiber textiles. Dry cleaning labels can also be used.