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How to prevent white clothes from turning yellow?

How to prevent white clothes from turning yellow

White clothes are easy to yellow, and it is difficult to wash after yellowing. The most effective way is to prevent it in advance. So what are the ways to prevent white clothes from turning yellow?

  1. Clean in time

In summer, there is a lot of sweat, and the clothes must be washed in time. If they are not washed for a long time, they will leave yellow stains.

  1. Separate cleaning

White clothes should be washed separately to avoid staining other clothes.

  1. Add fixing agent before cleaning

Before washing clothes, add a fixing agent (generally available in regular laundry shops), about 13-14 grams per piece of clothing, soak it for 2-3 minutes, and then wash it with soap. This will ensure that the color of the clothes will not fade easily.

  1. Pay attention to the water temperature

White clothes are best washed in cold water, or at a rinse water temperature similar to the wash temperature. For example, after washing white clothes in warm detergent or soapy water, it is best to use water with a similar temperature for the first rinse. If the clothes are put into cold water immediately after washing, the detergent contained in the fibers will be surrounded by the clothes when they are quenched and shrunk, and it is not easy to clean. Detergent left in clothes can cause yellowing and discoloration.

  1. Clean

Try not to leave soap, washing powder and other washing products on the clothes, which will have side effects on the skin. And the stains on the clothes are washed as completely as possible. In addition to water, inorganic salts, and urea, the sweat also contains lactic acid, fatty acids and various amino acids. The organic matter that is not completely washed remains on the clothes. After a long time of oxidation, The action produces a yellowish color.

Avoid sun exposure after washing
  1. Avoid sun exposure after washing

After cleaning, put it in a cool place to dry slowly, do not expose it to the hot sun.

Here is the drying after cleaning, which does not conflict with the sun exposure when washing with lemonade.

  1. Reverse the clothes

When drying clothes, turn the clothes upside down so that the sun is facing the inside and the outside is shaded.

  1. Store it correctly

It should be kept dry during storage, the yellowing of the fabric is much greater in the wet state than in the dry state. You can find a clean white plastic bag, put all the light-colored clothes in it, seal the plastic bag tightly, and tie the plastic bag a little tighter to expel the air inside. Then tighten the mouth of the plastic bag, and find a tape or string to tie the mouth of the plastic bag tightly.