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What are the detergent allergy symptoms?

What are the detergent allergy symptoms

Washing powder allergy is often manifested as hard skin on the hand, allergic to alkalinity, peeling, whitening and easy to fall off. After washing clothes, the palm has a fever or itching, and some can cause systemic allergic symptoms.

Detergent with enzyme is often allergic

The detergent can hydrolyze protein, which is the main component of human skin. Therefore, it can hydrolyze protein more than water-soluble enzymes. However, during the use of enzyme-added washing powder, the consumption of protein hydrolase is sometimes incomplete and remains in clothes. When people wear these clothes, especially close-fitting clothes, the residual protein hydrolase will decompose the protein of the skin, resulting in allergic symptoms such as skin pruritus, erythema, and papules.

If the skin has allergic symptoms, the mild ones can heal themselves, and the more serious ones must go to the hospital for treatment

The research shows that the commonly used washing aids are harmful to the human liver; Surfactants have long been found to destroy the cuticle of the skin and cause rough skin. Now they have been regarded as a major public hazard of polluting the environment; Alkaline substances contained in strong washing powder can not only absorb water but also destroy human cell membrane and denature tissue protein; There are too many synthetic fragrances in perfumed washing powder. The organic chlorine and fluorescent agent contained in whitening washing powder are toxic substances, which are easy to accumulate in the human body and cause damage to health.

After long-term direct contact with alkaline detergent, the weak acid environment on the skin surface will be destroyed, and its effect of inhibiting bacterial growth will disappear, which is easy to cause skin pruritus, even allergic dermatitis, and other symptoms, or leave pigmentation on the skin.

Therefore, when using washing powder, the dosage should be appropriate. Don’t put on more clothes. Rinse the clothes several times. It’s best to soak the washed clothes with clean water for a while. If necessary, soak them with boiled water to destroy the residual enzyme activity, which can prevent allergy.