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The Advantages of Laundry Sheets

The Advantages of Laundry Sheets

The full name of the laundry sheet is a nano ultra-concentrated laundry sheet. The name sounds great. This is a brand-new washing product, which makes the laundry product can be made into a sheet, which is very light and convenient to carry. Laundry sheets use nanotechnology, ultra-concentrated technology, and have stronger cleaning power than the same amount of ordinary laundry products. And it dissolves immediately in hot and cold water. It does not contain phosphorus, is biodegradable, and has almost no pollution to the environment. It is an environmentally friendly product. In short, the laundry sheet feels like another major revolution in the washing industry, a new concept that opens up the way of washing.

Everyone may not know that the current washing powder and laundry liquid generally contain components such as fluorescent whitening agents, proteolytic enzymes, and sodium tripolyphosphate, among which fluorescent whitening agents are the most harmful, especially for the elderly or children. Moreover, the washing powder and washing liquid that is usually used are also polluting the environment. For example, the annual washing water in Beijing reaches 800 million cubic meters. Because the 800 million washing water contains a lot of harmful components of washing powder and washing liquid, it will lead to sewage. cannot be effectively purified.

There are many advantages of laundry sheets, mainly the following five benefits.

  1. It is non-toxic and harmless, especially if you are raising children at home! Washing products that have an impact on children should be avoided as much as possible, and the inner lining used by women should be clean. Therefore, laundry sheets that are 100% free of harmful substances such as phosphorus and fluorescent whitening agents are a good choice for everyone.
  2. The PH value is neutral, which avoids the damage caused by strong alkali to the clothes, and can guarantee the quality of the clothes so that the clothes you bought will not feel long after washing several times.
  3. Nano ultra-concentration technology. Small size, easy to store and carry. You can bring a little when you go out for travel in the future. After all, it is convenient to carry. It is definitely inconvenient to carry laundry detergent and liquid laundry detergent, but it is very convenient for everyone to carry a little laundry sheet like a napkin, right?
  4. Elegant and fresh, it adopts the fragrance of Miss Dior Huayang Sweetheart, the fragrance is strong but not strong, light and lasting, up to 36-48 hours, making the clothes fresh and natural. The author likes that the clothes have a little fragrance, how about you?
  5. It is very cheap, a 4g laundry sheet can wash 3-4kg of clothes, a box is equivalent to 7.5kg of laundry detergent, but the price is only half of the traditional laundry detergent.