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What are laundry sheets?

What are laundry sheets

What are laundry sheets?

From the previous soaps, washing powders to laundry liquids, there is now a thing called laundry sheets. Although laundry tablets are now widely promoted, many people still don’t know what laundry sheets are.

  1. A laundry sheet is the abbreviation of nano ultra-concentrated laundry tablet, which is a neutral synthetic detergent.
  2. The shape of the laundry sheet is “special”. Compared with the large and small bags of washing powder and laundry liquid, it is much lighter. Its effective washing ingredients are concentrated in a thin laundry tablet.
  3. Traditional washing powders and soap powders contain fluorescent whitening agents, phosphorus and other ingredients that are harmful to the human body. Laundry sheets do not contain these ingredients, which are healthier and safer to use.
  4. Washing powder and laundry liquid will produce a lot of foam during the washing process. Although it looks cool, the rinsing process will be quite long, which not only wastes time but also wastes a lot of water. Produces a small amount of lather, saving time and water in rinsing.

How do you use laundry sheets?

When you see an advertisement about laundry sheets, are you eager to try it? Laundry tablets are a new type of laundry product. Although it only looks like a thin piece, the washing effect cannot be underestimated.

  1. Put in the laundry sheets according to the laundry amount, no need for measuring cups and spoons.
  2. In the traditional laundry method, dark clothes should be completely separated from light-colored clothes, so as to avoid staining. With washing tablets, you don’t have to be so troublesome, it can avoid the problem of color carryover caused by shuffling.
  3. Laundry sheets are more suitable for machine washing. During the washing process, there is only a small amount of foam, which saves time and water when rinsing.
  4. In fact, the use of laundry sheets is very simple. Although it looks like a piece of paper, it can release powerful washing powder after soaking.

The role of laundry sheets

As the name suggests, the function of the laundry sheet is “laundry”. It is different from traditional laundry products in terms of form and effect. The role of the laundry sheet is not limited to the role of laundry but also has many other functions.

  1. Laundry sheets are highly soluble and generally only take 10 seconds to completely dissolve in water.
  2. The laundry sheet decontaminates faster, and the cleaning effect is 2.7 times that of laundry detergent.
  3. Laundry sheets have the function of caring for clothes, similar to the clothes care agent we usually use.
  4. Laundry sheets will not produce a lot of foam during the washing process, which can save a lot of time and water during the rinsing process.
  5. Laundry sheets have the function of protecting the color of clothes, and will not cause problems such as color fading and color fading during the washing process.
  6. Laundry sheets can also play a role in preventing mildew and moths. Putting one tablet in the wardrobe can play the role of mothballs, and it has a fragrant smell.

Are Laundry Sheets Safe?

Although the laundry sheet is special in “shape”, it can “compete” with traditional laundry detergent and liquid laundry detergent in function, and it also has the function of caring for clothes. Faced with such powerful functions, some people can’t help but wonder, are the ingredients of laundry sheets safe? Will washing clothes with laundry sheets cause certain harm to the human body?

  1. In the past, the washing powder we used contained fluorescent whitening agents, which would cause certain harm to the human body. Because of this, the state has strict regulations on additives in washing powder and laundry liquid.
  2. The PH value of the laundry sheet is neutral, but it is unknown whether it contains active ingredients such as fluorescent whitening agents, but we can test it by our own methods, such as taking a UV light. This method and Check the mask in the same way. If it emits blue light, it means that the ingredients contain optical brighteners.
  3. Laundry sheets are a relatively new type of product. When purchasing, you must check the production batch number and production license to prevent the purchase of defective products.