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natural laundry detergent sheets

natural laundry detergent sheets

Inferior washing powders and detergents on the market are easy to damage clothing fibers, not only that but also have great damage to the skin!

Concentrated laundry sheets do not need to worry about this problem at all! It is formulated with no residue and no fluorescent agent, which not only protects clothing fibers but also protects the surface of the skin from damage!

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Product Description
Product name:  natural laundry detergent sheets
 Ingredients:  Natural coconut oil derivatives,natural vegetable oils extracts,soap base,etc
 Packaging:  Drawer type or customized
 Specification:  Customized

 No phosphates, No poison, No fluorescent, No Parabens, No chlorine bleach, No dyes


 Function:  Washing, Cleaning, Refreshing
 Color:  White,Blue,Pink,Green,or customized
 Shelf time:  3 Years
Features and advantages: Suitable for machine washing, greenwashing, removing stubborn stains, low foaming, and easy ticket, protecting clothes without damaging clothes and hands, and accepting OEM orders.

This laundry tablet not only has super strength in decontamination but also can inhibit bacteria and mites while removing stains!

With it, you don’t need to buy additional disinfectants to reduce mites and bacteria in clothes~

Regarding cleaning power, this laundry tablet has a strong degumming performance, which can penetrate into the interior of the dirt and separate the dirt from the plant fibers!

Whether it is bloodstains, sweat stains, or red wine stains, it can be solved, making your clothes whiter and more beautiful!

And it’s low foam and easy to clean, just rinse it off with clean water after washing, it won’t be greasy~Hand care skincare without residue

Soft and comfortable after washing

Although most of the laundry work is done by the washing machine, for underwear and underwear that are close to the private parts, it is still safe to wash by hand!