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How to use laundry tablets?

How to use laundry tablets

Laundry tablets are developed with new nano-concentration technology. They are thin and light and dissolve at low temperatures. Compared with traditional washing products, laundry tablets are highly concentrated and cleaner, reducing the number of rinsing in the laundry process and effectively cleaning clothes. But do you know how to use laundry tablets?

1. Hand washing: When hand washing, place the laundry tablet in the laundry tray to be fully dissolved, and then soak and clean the clothes. One laundry tablet can wash 7~8 pieces of clothing (intimate clothes, bottoms and other light and thin clothes). clothes), such as washing winter clothes, you need to add laundry tablets according to the size and weight of the clothes to achieve the best use effect.

Hand washing

2. Machine wash: When machine washing, put the laundry tablet directly into the water, the laundry tablet begins to dissolve in water, and only 1 tablet is needed to wash a tub of clothes (below 3KG). (3KG-6KG) clothes, 2 pieces are enough. If there are a lot of clothes to be washed, you need to add laundry pieces appropriately to achieve the best use effect.

Machine wash

Reminder: If the clothes are seriously dirty, you can take a soaking treatment (usually 10~20 minutes) before cleaning. The non-ionic surfactant in the laundry tablet is mixed with other decontamination ingredients of the laundry tablet to produce a synergistic effect so that the decontamination ability is improved. It effectively increases the foaming ability of the product and makes your clothes easier to rinse.

Diagram of the usage of laundry tablets:

First, take out a laundry sheet.

take out a laundry sheet

Tear the laundry sheet apart.

Tear the laundry sheet apart

Put an appropriate amount into the water and stir well.

Put an appropriate amount into the water and stir well.

Then put the dirty clothes into the water.

 put the dirty clothes into the water

Scrub by hand.

Rinse the clothes with clean water.

Rinse the clothes with clean water

Advantages of Laundry Sheets:

  1. Convenience: Laundry tablets made of nano-super-concentration technology are small in size, light in weight, easy to store and carry, and very convenient and fast to use.
  2. Green and healthy, the green and natural formula are used to ensure that it does not contain fluorescent whitening agents and other ingredients that are harmful to human health and the environment. At the same time, it is mild and non-irritating. Unlike traditional washing products, which have strong alkalinity, the damage to clothes is almost zero.
  3. Multi-effects in one, in addition to the cleaning function, it also has functions such as sterilization, care, and fragrance retention, eliminating the need for additional investment in disinfectants, softeners, and perfumes.
  4. Affordable. The amount of laundry that can be washed in a box of laundry tablets is equivalent to 7.5kg of laundry detergent, but the price is less than half of it, and the price is extremely close to the people.