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What temperature to wash bed sheets?

What temperature to wash bed sheets

Washing temperature: 90~95℃
Laundry: Normal soiled white cotton and linen sheets.

How many degrees of boiling water do you use to wash the bedsheets to prevent mites?

  1. If the water temperature is lower than 50°C, it cannot; if the water temperature is higher than 50°C, it can.
  2. the method of removing quilt mites: put the quilts or clothes, dolls, cotton blankets, etc. that you want to dry, put them in the largest black garbage bag and tie them up, be sure to use black because black will absorb heat. Then put it in the sun for 1 to 2 hours, because the dust mites will die at a high temperature of 50 °C.
washing of bed sheets

A detailed explanation of the washing knowledge of bed sheets

Sheets are the bedding that is closest to us in our daily life. They are generally laid on mattresses, which not only play a beautiful role but also make the bed more comfortable and give people a better sleeping environment. We should pay special attention to the washing of bed sheets, which is related to the use of bed sheet materials.

(1) Different bedding fabrics require different washing methods. Carefully read the washing instructions on the bedding label. The washing steps of bedding are rough as follows: first, stir the neutral detergent and dissolve it in water within 30 degrees, and then put the items to be washed; soak it for about 10-15 minutes before washing, and then start rinsing; Bedding should be hung to dry, but not exposed to the sun for a long time.

(2) When washing pillow or quilt bedding, it is best to use a drum type washing machine or hand wash; the bedding that has just been bought is best washed weakly with clean water for the first time, not with bleach; with printing Patterned bedding kits sometimes appear floating color during cleaning