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What temperature to wash jeans?

What temperature to wash jeans

When cleaning jeans, the water temperature must be suitable. Generally, use warm water below 30 degrees to clean jeans. If the water temperature is too high, it will damage the fibers of the jeans, resulting in wrinkles and deformation of the jeans, and damage to the shape of the jeans.

How to wash jeans without shrinking or deforming?

1 When washing jeans, wash them in cold water. Never soak the pants in hot water, otherwise they will shrink. Generally, the water temperature is about 30 degrees.

2 It is best to wash jeans by hand instead of washing them in a washing machine, which will destroy the wrinkle of the pants and easily deform.

3 Some jeans brands require dry cleaning or they will shrink, but some cannot, so read the wash label to confirm before washing.

4 Jeans made of elastic material should be placed in the laundry bag when washing or dehydrating, so that they will not be deformed by pulling.