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How to wash baby clothes temperature?

How to wash baby clothes temperature?

When washing clothes for babies, it is recommended to use hot water. Because the baby’s skin is relatively soft, it is recommended to wear soft clothes when putting on clothes. When washing clothes for babies, cold water may make the clothes harder. Therefore, it is recommended that the water temperature should be at 30 or 40 degrees when washing clothes for the baby. When taking care of the baby, you should pay attention to the emotional changes of the baby. When washing clothes and bathing the baby, the water temperature should not be too cold, be sure to use warm water. Usually need to add some nutrients to the baby.

Newborns have soft skin and low resistance, so their clothes should not only be clean but also sterilized and disinfected. However, also because children’s constitution is not as good as that of adults, when sterilizing and disinfecting, fewer chemicals can be used to avoid leaving “disasters” as much as possible.

When cleaning, it is better to use hot water, and the temperature should be 30-40 degrees Celsius; if you must use cleaning products, you must use special products for babies, and the smell should not be too strong, so as not to cause damage to the baby’s skin due to too much fragrance. It should be pointed out that disinfection products such as 84 disinfectant should never be used because it is very irritating and it is difficult to rinse thoroughly. Soap is less irritating and is most suitable for cleaning baby underwear.

After washing clothes, you can use a fabric softener, but also for babies. After the laundry is rinsed with the softener, it can neutralize the alkalinity in the water and detergent, making it slightly acidic, which is close to the pH value of the skin, so it will not irritate the skin. In addition, it will be more comfortable to wear due to reduced static electricity.