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Do I need to wash baby clothes before use?

do I need to wash baby clothes before use

“Baby’s clothes, it is recommended to start cleaning 1 month before the baby is born, because there is formaldehyde on the new clothes, the newborn’s skin is delicate and has poor resistance. In order to minimize the harm, it is best to wash 2- before the baby is born. 3 times.”

Newborn baby’s close-fitting clothes need to be washed before wearing, because new clothes contain chemical fiber ingredients, and may also have printing and dyeing ingredients in the production process, which is very irritating to the newborn’s skin, in addition to rough skin irritation, The harmful chemicals in it will directly damage the blood system of the child, so it must be washed, and then be disinfected in the sun, and then put on the baby.

  1. When buying clothes for babies, be sure to wash them thoroughly, and choose hot water with a relatively high temperature for ironing, which can sterilize and disinfect. And after washing, it is also necessary to expose to the sun, which can completely eliminate the bacteria in the clothes, and also has a protective effect on the baby’s skin.
  2. When parents wash clothes for babies, they should also choose laundry detergent without any toxic substances. The special laundry detergent can completely kill bacteria, better protect the child’s skin, and help the baby resist some diseases.
  3. In addition, when parents choose clothes for babies, they must choose pure cotton materials. Because the baby’s skin is very sensitive and fragile, some bad fabrics will leave some bacteria on the baby’s skin, and may also cause the baby’s allergy symptoms; besides, the fabrics of some clothes are not good, which can easily damage the baby’s skin surface. , causing discomfort to the baby’s body.