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Do baby clothes have to be hand washed?

Do baby clothes have to be hand washed

Everyone should know that children need special attention in many cases because their body resistance is relatively weak, especially baby clothes that are in direct contact with the child’s skin, so many friends want to know how to wash baby clothes. Did you know that baby clothes must be hand washed?

Do baby clothes have to be hand washed?
Generally speaking, newborn clothes have special detergents and try to reduce chemical preparations to a minimum. Preparations that can clean clothes can be found in the newborn store for hand washing or washing powder specially provided for children’s clothes. It should be emphasized that it must be rinsed clean. First, newborn clothes should be washed separately. It is best to wash them by hand instead of washing them together with other adults’ clothes in the washing machine. Second, it must be scalded. 3. Rinse clean. The last thing to emphasize is that it must be sterilized at a high temperature in the sun, that is, after sterilization in the sun, the temperature of the sun and the ultraviolet rays of the sun have the effect of sterilization. Many families use dryers to dry children’s clothes, which is not recommended. So how to wash newborn clothes: 1. Safe, less chemical laundry soap or washing powder; 2. Rinse clean and scald with boiling water; 3. Sunlight must be disinfected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

New clothes for newborn babies can be washed by soaking them in salt for half an hour, rubbing them clean, and drying them. Because new clothes often contain formaldehyde residues, which are harmful substances. Soaking with salt for half an hour can make harmful substances fall off. In addition, soaking clothes in salt can help the color of clothes not fall off and prevent color fading. In addition to table salt, you can also use common lotion to clean, but pay attention to rinse the lotion. In addition to paying attention to washing the new clothes of the newborn baby, the baby’s usual clothes should also pay attention in the cleaning method. 1. Wash separately. Baby clothes should be washed separately from adults. Because adults’ clothes get more bacteria. If washing adults’ clothes, be careful to put disinfectant. 2. Detergent selection. Choose a mild, easy-to-rinse detergent for cleaning your baby’s clothes. Avoid strong alkaline soaps.

Is it okay to not wash newborn clothes?
First of all, all clothes need formaldehyde in the printing process, because it needs to fix the color and prevent wrinkles, some clothes look similar, but the price is different, in fact, besides the quality of the clothes, the most important one is the amount of formaldehyde, almost everyone Everyone knows that formaldehyde is harmful to the human body, so new clothes must be washed. In addition, if it is not cleaned in time, some poor quality and brightly colored clothes will fall on the body when people sweat, which can easily cause skin diseases, and the baby’s skin will be more tender. If the clothes are not washed, the baby’s health will be affected. Skin damage is greater. Secondly, when a mother buys clothes for her baby, she can look at the label. Usually, the quality of A-type cotton is relatively comfortable. The content of formaldehyde in this kind of clothes is extremely low. Try not to buy products without trademarks, especially those with a strong smell. You should buy some clothes that are suitable for children, choose light-colored clothes, and clothes without any patterns are the best.

In the end, some clothes were slightly faded. The clothes that a mother bought can be soaked in water with a little salt. It can not only prevent fading but also sterilize. The formaldehyde will also melt in the water. After cleaning, do not put the clothes on In a cool place, they should be exposed to sunlight to disinfect and sterilize the formaldehyde that is not dissolved in the water, so that the clothes worn by the baby are safer and healthier. In conclusion, cleaning all clothes is not harmful, it is good for human health.