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How to wash baby clothes by hand?

How to wash baby clothes by hand

Baby’s clothes need to use special laundry detergent. Avoid washing baby’s clothes and adult’s clothes together, it will cause infection of bacteria. Because baby’s clothes are soft, it is best to choose hand-washing for baby’s clothes. So how to wash baby clothes by hand?

  1. First, prepare a water basin, put it in clean water, choose a baby-specific laundry detergent and pour it into the water basin to wash the baby’s clothes. It is best to use a special laundry tub and baby-specific laundry detergent to wash it separately from adult clothes. Laundry products for infants and young children are based on the needs of babies. From the perspective of safe laundry, the PH value is neutral, and no chemical substances such as fluorescent agents and bleaches are added, which will not affect the baby’s body.
  2. Before washing, it is necessary to fully soak baby clothes. The soaking time is determined according to the degree of soiling of the clothes. Baby clothes are mostly cotton, which has a strong adsorption force. Simple rinsing is difficult to remove chemical residues in the fibers. Therefore, before washing your baby’s clothes, you should fully soak them to remove the residual chemicals on the clothes.
  1. When washing baby clothes, be sure to rinse with clean water at least three times. The specific situation is judged according to the cleanliness of the clothes. It needs to be rinsed until the water in the basin becomes clear.
  2. After washing baby clothes, be sure to put them in the sun, which can play a role in sterilization and disinfection. Babies’ clothes and towels are dirty and carry bacteria, so sterilization in the sun is an important step.


It is best to wash baby clothes by hand, and rub them slowly with your hands, so as to ensure that they are clean and not deform the clothes.