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What setting to wash baby clothes?

What setting to wash baby clothes

In addition to breastfeeding your baby, you also need to wash your baby’s clothes. The baby’s clothes must be separated from the adult’s clothes, and the baby’s clothes should be washed separately. Some mothers are afraid that they can’t wash their baby’s clothes, so they want to ask, how to wash the newly collected clothes?

  1. Soak in warm water first

Step 1 Soak your clothes in warm water first. It is best to add a little salt to the warm water and soak the clothes in warm salt water for 30 minutes. During the soaking process, the bacteria remaining on the clothes can be removed, and the cleaning effect is also very good.

  1. Use baby laundry detergent

Since you are washing clothes for your baby, you must use a baby-specific laundry detergent. Baby laundry detergent removes milk stains and reduces irritation to your baby’s skin. The most important point is that baby-specific laundry detergent is very safe, and no other ingredients such as softener are added to it, which will not affect the health of the baby’s skin.

  1. Sun exposure

Rinse with clean water and put your baby’s clothes in the sun. Exposure to the sun is necessary to kill bacteria on clothes.

In fact, washing clothes for babies is not that complicated, as long as you master the correct steps, you can achieve better cleaning results. After buying new clothes for your baby, you should wash them with clean water immediately. After washing, you can put them on your baby.