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Is baby detergent necessary?

Is baby detergent necessary

Babies’ clothes are more stained, which can easily get infected and breed bacteria. Milk stains, urine stains, stool stains, etc. left on baby’s clothes, diapers and bedding can easily breed bacteria. Stains such as stool stains can easily contaminate the clothes with Escherichia coli, and nasopharyngeal secretions and other stains can easily contaminate the clothes with Staphylococcus aureus, and the baby’s immune system has not yet fully developed, and the resistance to bacteria is weak, so it is easy to affect the baby if the cleaning is not thorough enough.

Baby washing detergent products are specially designed for washing baby clothes. The ingredients of baby detergent are mild and natural. It can ensure that infants and young children are not attacked by bacteria and pollutants, and can effectively prevent the tender skin of infants and young children from being corroded by chemical detergents, and has a good skincare function.

Baby washing detergent products contain very few irritating ingredients, but because there are many brands, you should choose carefully, and not consider some washing products containing strong alkaline. When choosing baby washing detergent products, everyone should also pay attention to the ingredients of each composition. Some acidic substances can only be used to clean a baby’s clothes. These products are not allowed to be used.

Can Baby Laundry Products be Used by Adults?

Because the metabolism of sebum and sweat glands of adults is stronger than that of babies. Therefore, the decontamination ability of baby detergent products is not enough for adults, and long-term use will still cause clogged pores and acne.