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How to get poop stains out of clothes?

How to get poop stains out of clothes

We all know that in the infancy stage, the baby is basically unable to take care of himself, and he needs to rely on the help of his parents. The situation of baby diapers is even more common. However, how to clean these stains for the baby has become the most troublesome problem for mothers.

For babies aged 0-3, it is recommended to use a neutral and mild baby-specific liquid laundry detergent, which is specially designed for babies aged 0-3 to effectively remove various daily stains (such as milk stains, fruit stains, vegetable mud stains, oil stains, saliva stains), stool stains, etc.) and remove the odor; pH neutral, clean ingredients derived from plants, no irritation to the skin, no residual washing ingredients after washing; suitable for cotton, linen, silk, wool, down, synthetic fibers, blends, etc. Baby clothes, bibs, handkerchiefs, gauze, diapers, sheets, and toys in a variety of materials.

  1. When the clothes are dry, apply the original liquid detergent for hand washing on the stains to completely cover the stains. After standing for 5 minutes (can be gently scrubbed), add the laundry detergent for regular washing.
  2. If the stain still cannot be removed after the above method, put the clothes into the basin, stick the stained part to the bottom of the basin, and use the colored clothes to stain the (600g specification) bottle cap to measure 1/4 of the bottle cap (10g) of colored clothes Clean the color stains and 1/4 bottle cap (10g) collar, pour it on the stain, cover the stain with other non-stained parts of the clothing, prevent it from drying, let it stand for 2 hours, and rinse it clean. If the stain is still not removed after 2 hours, you can extend the standing time to overnight.

Mothers who have washed clothes and diapers for their babies know that it is not a simple matter to clean up the baby’s urine stains, stools and other stains on them, and it often takes mothers’ efforts. Can be washed. Hope your reading this article will be helpful.