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best baby bath soap

best baby bath soap

Baby bath soap is a children’s cosmetic used to clean the dirt and foreign matter on the baby’s skin surface.

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Product Description


 60g~1500g as customized


 White, yellow, blue, brown, green, etc


 Fruit, flower, etc as customized.


 Engraving your own logo on the soap is available

 Inner package

 Polybag, Color Carton box, Paper Bags, etc.

 Outer package

 Export cartons & Wooden pallets.


Deep cleaning, whitening, Moisturized, skincare, Antibacterial, good smell



 TFM Range

 40%-75% TFM according to your request.

The main function of baby soap is to clean the skin, and at the same time, it should have a good skincare effect and not damage the baby’s skin. The pH value of a baby’s skin is between 4.2- 5.6, which is acidic. For baby soap, it is better to use neutral soap or acid soap, which is less irritating.

Babies don’t need as much skincare as moms do, but they also need to clean and protect their skin. Baby soap is the most commonly used for the baby’s face, hands and ears. Baby soap has a certain cleaning effect, and also has skincare effects, and it is not irritating to the skin; compared with shampoo and shower gel, soap is more convenient, more practical, and more affordable.

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