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How to wash the diaper pad?

How to wash the diaper pad

The diaper pad is not a diaper pant, nor a diaper. Its main function is to isolate urine to ensure that the mattress or mattress below is not soaked with urine. It is best to replace the diaper immediately to ensure that the baby’s buttocks are dry.

How to wash the diaper pad?

The baby changing diaper pad is washable, and the changing pad can be used for a long time. In winter, you can put it directly on the bed, then put a diaper on the baby, and then put it on the changing pad. Dirty can be cleaned. It is best to put it under the bedsheet when using it in summer. Because most of the pads are impermeable and airtight. Putting it under the sheet will prevent your baby from sweating and not breathing. Here’s how to clean and care for your baby’s butt:

  1. Rinse the baby’s diaper pad with water first;
  2. Wash thoroughly with baby soap;
  3. After washing, wring dry and hang in the sun.
  4. Change the baby’s diaper frequently and wipe it with a moisturizing wipe.
  5. Try to choose a soft and comfortable old cotton cloth for diapers. Babies who can control their own bowel movements should wear full-crotch pants.
  6. Carry out urination training to cultivate the baby’s good bowel and bladder habits.
  7. When the buttocks are slightly red, you can use a buttock cream. If it is serious, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.
  8. Expose the baby’s buttocks to the air or sunlight after each cleaning of the small PP to dry the local skin.
  9. After the baby poops or urinates, the urine and feces on the small buttocks must be wiped clean. Baby girls should also pay attention to wiping from the front to the back when wiping the buttocks, because the baby girl’s urethra is short, and it is easy to get bacteria and cause urinary tract infection.
  10. When you take your baby out, bring a pack of soft wipes with you to solve the big problem of your baby’s butt washing outside.