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Are the diapers washable?

Are the diapers washable

Every home with a baby needs to use a diaper pad, which is placed on the bed where the baby sleeps to isolate urine to prevent the mattress or mattress on the bed from being soaked with urine. The diaper pad can be replaced at any time when it is wet, which is convenient and worry-free, allowing mothers to take care of their babies more easily without having to worry about the mattress being soaked. Whether the diaper pad can be washed is a question that many mothers are concerned about.

Many mothers bought back the diaper pads to use. On the one hand, they felt it was convenient to use, but on the other hand, they didn’t know whether the diaper pads could be washed. So are the diaper pads washable?

In fact, the diaper pads are washable. However, because some diaper pads are washed, the effect of urination will become worse, so special attention should be paid to the material selection of urinal pads. After many times of washing, the urination effect of diaper pads with good materials is still very good. It also has antibacterial and antibacterial properties.

In addition, the diaper pads are divided into ordinary diaper pads and new types of diaper pads. The ordinary diaper pads need to be cleaned once before they are bought and used to remove the colloidal odor on the diaper pads. Afterward, the diaper pads should be replaced and cleaned after they become soiled. The cleaning method needs to be hand-washed. After washing, put it in the sun to sterilize it, so as not to threaten the health of the baby.

As for the new type of urine pad, due to the special structural material, it can effectively prevent moisture, so the cleaning method is particularly simple. It only needs to be wiped lightly and then ventilated and dried to be clean, free from the trouble of hard cleaning.

Whether it is an ordinary diaper pad or a new type of diaper pad, it needs to be cleaned regularly and exposed to the sun to kill viruses, so that the baby will be safe to use and mothers will feel at ease.