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Best medicated soap for itchy skin

Best medicated soap for itchy skin

This medicinal soap is mainly composed of sulphur. The sulphur soap combines the functions of various ingredients to remove dandruff and relieve itching, as well as moisturizing and refreshing. Sulfur soap can inhibit sebum secretion, kill bacteria, fungi, molds, mites, parasites, etc., and has certain preventive and auxiliary treatment effects on some skin diseases.

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Product Description


 60g~1500g as customized


 White, yellow, blue, brown, green, etc


 Fruit, flower, etc as customized.


 Engraving your own logo on the soap is available

 Inner package

 Polybag, Color Carton box, Paper Bags, etc.

 Outer package

 Export cartons & Wooden pallets.


Deep cleaning, whitening, Moisturized, skincare, Antibacterial, good smell



 TFM Range

 40%-75% TFM according to your request.

Patients with itchy skin can use this medicated soap with added sulfur to relieve itching. This medicated soap has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. Pay attention to controlling the water temperature when taking a bath. The water temperature is best controlled at about 40 ℃. Washing the skin with mild soap and sulphur soap can have a good therapeutic effect, and the patient should choose cotton loose clothing instead of tight clothing, otherwise it will aggravate the symptoms of skin itching.

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