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How to clean black jeans without washing?

How to clean black jeans without washing

Tommy Hilfiger says that washing jeans are basically murdering jeans. It’s true that washing jeans can destroy their shape and color. When we try to make jeans stylish, how do we make ourselves fashionistas that don’t stink?

Method one

Putting it in the refrigerator, although it is not actually cleaning, the low temperature can restore the fresh feeling of jeans, (yes, it is just a feeling). But a better way is actually to buy a fresh spray for fabrics, or you can use a professional dry cleaning powder for jeans, which can be bought in most jeans stores and can also be bought on the Internet.

Method Two

Jeans also need fresh air. On the days when you don’t plan to wash your jeans, you can hang them in a place where there is good ventilation all day, which can effectively send the smell away.

Method three

With vodka, of course, I don’t tell you to drink vodka. I mean sprayed on jeans with vodka. Because vodka has a deodorizing effect, this practice can also be used on other clothes. Of course, don’t wet the clothes when spraying, a light spray is enough.


Well, after a year, if you really can’t stand these jeans any longer, if you love cleanliness, then you can throw them into the water and wash them well, we also have a way to keep them as clean as possible after washing. in good condition.

Method one

Hand washing at room temperature is the best way to avoid color fading. Try not to use laundry detergent, of course, you have to use a laundry detergent that can effectively maintain the color of your clothes

Method Two

Put the jeans on before they’re completely dry, and let them dry naturally. I’m not kidding you, this is the most effective way to keep your jeans in shape. But remember not to take to the winter streets under these conditions!

Method Three

You may think that it is useless to wash the inside and outside, but letting the dark surface be directly scrubbed will speed up the speed of color fading.

wash the inside and outside

Method Four

Don’t you want to wear wet jeans? Let it dry naturally, don’t use the dryer, the strong rolling of the dryer will rub the jeans until they fade, and the heat will shrink and lose their original shape.

dry naturally