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How to wash black clothes without fading?

How to wash black clothes without fading

As one of the two classic colors, black clothes are what we wear most in our lives, but black clothes are also the easiest to fade when washed. Washing clothes also need to pay attention to the method. Today, I will tell you how to wash the black cotton clothes without fading.

Saltwater immersion method

Method 1: Saltwater immersion method

The brine immersion method is the easiest method. In order to prevent the newly bought black clothes from fading, soak them in concentrated saltwater for half an hour before entering the water for the first time, and then wash the clothes according to the usual method. If the black clothes are still slightly discolored, you can soak the clothes in light saltwater for ten minutes before washing them. If this goes on like this, the clothes will never fade again! This method is most suitable for dealing with the fading problem of denim and colored clothes, and the effect is very effective.

Edible vinegar soaking method

Method 2: Edible vinegar soaking method

This method is mainly aimed at pure cotton clothes and knitwear in bright colors such as red or purple. The method is to add some ordinary vinegar to the washing water for a while before washing these clothes! Don’t use too much vinegar. After it cools, soak the dark-colored clothes for 30 minutes. If you can wash your clothes like this regularly, you can ensure that the color of the clothes is as bright as new!

Florida Water cleaning method

Method 3: Florida Water cleaning method

This method is more suitable for cotton fabrics and woolen fabrics. The method is to first wash the clothes according to the conventional method. After the clothes are rinsed, add a few drops of Florida Water water to the clean water, and then soak the washed clothes in such water for ten minutes. Clothes washed in this way can also sterilize and remove sweat.

Beer soaking method

Method 4: Beer soaking method

Wash the clothes according to the conventional method first. After rinsing the clothes, mix the beer and water, put the discolored clothes in, and soak them for half an hour. Try to avoid using laundry detergent soap and the like when cleaning. However, this method will consume more beer, and you can try it for more expensive clothes.

Pay attention to drying

Method 5: Pay attention to drying

When drying black clothes, it is recommended to dry them in reverse to avoid direct sunlight.

Extended information:

From the nature of clothes, to deal with whitish black clothes, we can try soaking clothes in spinach water.

The reason for the whitening of black clothes may be that the quality of the clothes is not good enough, and the color fades slowly over time. It is also possible to use bleach, which can cause black clothes to turn white.

Black clothes turn white, you can deal with it like this:

Wash the fresh spinach and boil it in water. After filtering out the spinach water, soak the black clothes in the spinach water for 10 to 20 minutes when it is warm and not hot to the hands, or for a longer time to maintain the luster of the black clothes. color sense. Because spinach water has a color-lifting effect, it can restore the original color of whitish black clothes.