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How to wash the newly bought underwear?

How to wash the newly bought underwear

Newly bought underwear should be washed by hand

The principle of cleaning the newly bought underwear is to wash and rinse it. It is best to wash the underwear by hand and use the washing machine to wash the underwear. The washing powder can easily remain on the underwear and cause unnecessary irritation. And when washing underwear by hand, avoid using washing powder, soap, etc., it is best to use a special underwear detergent.

Newly bought underwear soaked in boiling water

If you want to effectively disinfect the newly bought underwear and remove the residual formaldehyde and other substances on the underwear, you can soak the underwear in boiling water or boil the underwear directly in boiling water, because formaldehyde will volatilize and dissolve in water at a high temperature.

Newly bought panties soaked in saltwater

The newly bought underwear can also be soaked in saltwater for half an hour before washing. The saltwater can effectively help sterilization and disinfection, and remove the odor of the underwear. If possible, soak your new underwear in salt water a few times before washing it.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used for cleaning

If you want to effectively clean and sterilize the newly bought underwear, you might as well use hydrogen peroxide for disinfection, which can help disinfection. When using hydrogen peroxide, you can directly pour the hydrogen peroxide on the underwear for regular cleaning. In order to avoid chemical reactions, it is not advisable to use detergents such as washing powder to clean at the same time when using hydrogen peroxide.

Newly bought panties sun exposure

Ultraviolet rays are the best natural disinfection system. After washing, the newly bought underwear should be dried in the shade and then placed in the sun for exposure and disinfection. If it is not possible, it is best to iron it with an iron and dry it in a dryer, and do not dry the underwear in the bathroom to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

Newly bought underwear should be washed separately

When washing newly bought underwear, you must pay attention to using a private washbasin or other utensils for washing underwear. It is not suitable to wash with other clothes, otherwise, it is easy to infect other bacteria.