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7 common mistakes in laundry


Washing clothes is a basic skill in daily life, but in fact, washing clothes is also very stressful, not as simple as imagined!

Improper laundry methods will not only make the clothes harder and older but also may lead to many skin diseases such as tinea corporis and tinea pedis!

7 common laundry mistakes

Misunderstanding ①

The more detergent, the cleaner the wash?

Many people like to put a lot of detergents such as laundry detergent and washing powder when washing clothes, thinking that adding a little more will make the washing cleaner, but this is not the case.

The amount of detergent is not proportional to the cleaning ability. If you pour too much, it will be difficult to rinse, and it is easy to leave residues. As time goes by, the clothes will become harder and older.


Generally, the laundry detergent or washing powder purchased will be marked with the corresponding usage amount, so everyone should use the detergent reasonably according to the number of clothes to be washed.

Misunderstanding ②

Is liquid detergent better than laundry detergent and soap?

liquid detergent

In the past, many people used laundry detergent and soap, but now many people prefer to choose liquid detergent, which is convenient and does not hurt their hands. In fact, all three have advantages and disadvantages.


Different materials of clothing should use different detergents.

① washing powder: strong decontamination

The decontamination ability of washing powder is relatively strong. However, due to its solid form, it cannot be completely dissolved in water, and it is easy to have residues after cleaning, and it is easy to hurt hands and skin.

It is relatively more suitable for coats, jeans, down jackets, sofa covers, curtains and other items that are exposed to dust.

②Laundry liquid: strong hydrophilicity

The composition of laundry detergent is similar to that of washing powder, but the decontamination ability is not as good as that of washing powder, but it has strong hydrophilicity, is easily soluble in water, and is easy to rinse, and the clothes are softer after washing.

Laundry liquid is also divided into ordinary and special. For clothes with special materials such as sweaters and silk, it is best to choose a special laundry liquid, which can reduce the damage of the detergent to the clothes; ordinary laundry liquid can be used for other materials.

③Soap: low irritation

The ingredients of the soap are renewable vegetable oils, which are less irritating to the skin, and have the effect of protecting the fabric, saving water and time.

Clothes, underwear, etc. for infants and young children are more suitable for handwashing + soap, which is gentle and does not hurt hands and can also prevent the material from being hard and increase the comfort.

Misunderstanding ③

Got stains and need to scrub hard?

Clothes are stained with juice, vegetable soup and other stains. Many people will subconsciously rub hard when cleaning, but it is often counterproductive, and the stains on the clothes may become larger and larger.


Different types of stains require different cleaning methods.

①Blood stains: starch + salt + soap

Sprinkle starch and table salt on the stained area, apply and press, and wait for a few minutes for the starch to absorb the stain; then wet it with cold water and rub with soap. At this time, the stain can be easily removed.

②Fruit stains, coffee stains: toothpaste + water

Once stained with fruit stains or coffee stains, you should immediately apply toothpaste to the dirty place, then dip your toothbrush in water, and gently brush the dirty place, it will be clean.

③ Sweat stains: baking soda + lemon

When you sweat a lot, the clothes are easily stained with sweat stains, and the clothes will turn yellow if they are not cleaned for a long time. Mix baking soda and water into a paste and apply it to the sweat stains on the clothes to emulsify the oil and remove the sweat stains.

If the yellowing of the clothes is serious, you can add some lemon juice and mix them to soak. Acidic lemon juice neutralizes alkaline stains for faster cleaning.

④Mildew stains: bleach + hot water

Prepare a pot of hot water, pour a small amount of bleach into the mixture, and soak the moldy clothes in it for 1 hour. Under the action of bleach, the mildew will be dissolved quickly, and then rinse with clean water.


Is warm water better than cold water for washing clothes?

The decontamination effect of warm water will be better than that of cold water, but it is not completely believed that warm water is better for washing. Improper water temperature washing will cause problems such as deformation, shrinkage, and fading of clothes.


The water temperature for washing clothes depends on the fabric material of the clothes.

The optimum water temperature for cotton fabrics is 40℃-50℃

The optimum water temperature for woolen clothing is around 35°C

The optimum water temperature for hemp clothing is 30°C or below


Is it easier to wash clothes after soaking them?

soaking clothes

It is said that soaking dirty clothes is easy to wash, but if they soak for too long, the dirt dissolved in the water will run back to the clothes, which is more likely to cause the clothes to fade!


The time for soaking clothes is generally about 15 minutes. Even for heavy clothes, it should not exceed 30 minutes.


After using the washing machine, immediately close the washing machine lid?

The washing machine has just finished washing clothes, and there will be some residual water stains in them. If they are not dried in time, the humid environment inside the washing machine will easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.


After washing the clothes, open the lid to ventilate for 30 minutes to 1 hour, wait for the water vapor to dissipate and dry in the bucket before closing the lid. In addition, the washing machine should also pay attention to sterilization and disinfection. You can purchase a special cleaning agent and clean it every 2 months or so.


Throw all your clothes in the washing machine?

Throw all your clothes in the washing machine

Many people are afraid of trouble and throw their clothes, socks, and underwear into the washing machine for cleaning. However, this habit of unsorted cleaning will not only cause the clothes to be stained but also easily cause crossover if they encounter people with skin diseases. Infect.


It is very important to wash clothes. Do these 6 precautions to make your laundry clean and hygienic——

①The depth is separated.

②Hand wash underwear.

③ Look at the washing label. It will indicate whether it can be dry cleaned, bleached, ironed, etc. Washing as required can avoid clothing damage.

④It is recommended to use a laundry bag when washing by machine, which can reduce the pulling on the clothing and prevent the neckline from becoming larger and the clothes from being deformed.

⑤ If the newly bought clothes are bright colors, it is necessary to prevent them from fading – if they are brightly colored cotton clothes and knitwear, you can soak them in water with white vinegar or lemon juice for a while; if they are denim clothes, you can soak them in saltwater.

⑥The clothes that have been washed off by the machine should be dried in time, and should not be placed in the washing machine for a long time.