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4 laundry tips and tricks

4 laundry tips and tricks

Housework is inescapable in our daily life, whether it is troublesome or simple, it will take up a lot of time. As far as laundry is concerned, although it is a small household chore, it is not easy to do well!

I don’t know if you have this feeling, that is, the clothes are washed with great care, but the clothes still don’t feel very clean after drying. In fact, there are ways to wash clothes. Many people unknowingly use the wrong way to wash clothes. Among them, these 4 ways of washing clothes are absolutely inadvisable. Let’s see if you are doing it every time?

Collect a pile of clothes before wash them
  1. Collect a pile of clothes before washing them

When people are lazy, especially at work, this phenomenon is more serious. Many times we will prepare a dirty laundry basket at home so that we can slowly accumulate dirty laundry, and then throw it into the washing machine to wash it. In fact, this is wrong, because the space of the washing machine is limited, and we throw a lot of clothes in, which may lead to some clothes that are not cleaned at all, and are directly dirty in and out.

Wash after soaking for a long time
  1. Wash after soaking for a long time

This kind of bubble re-washing is very common. In fact, short-term soaking can indeed help the cleaning of clothes, but if the soaking time is too long, it will have the opposite effect. Because we will add laundry detergent when soaking, and the chemicals in it will react with the fabric of the clothes at this time, which may cause odor or fading after a long time. So in the future, when washing clothes, soak them for at most ten minutes.

Pour the laundry detergent directly on the clothes
  1. Pour the laundry detergent directly on the clothes

We all use laundry detergent when washing clothes. In fact, the correct way is to dissolve it in water, but many times we pour it directly on the clothes, thinking that it will be washed cleanly, which will eventually lead to the washed clothes. There are a few places on it that will turn yellow or white, which is unsightly. The next time you do laundry, remember to dissolve the laundry detergent completely before washing it.

The more foam the better
  1. The more foam the better

The detergents we use will produce a lot of foam after the action of water, and sometimes only a small drop can generate a lot of foam. However, many people think that the more foam the laundry, the better, so that the clothes can be washed more cleanly. In fact, on the contrary, too much foam is not easy to rinse, and chemical residues on the clothes may cause allergies. Generally, there will be dosages corresponding to the number of clothes on the detergent, and it is best to follow the standard.