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Is hand washing clothes effective?

Is hand washing clothes effective

Some clothes still need to be hand-washed. Generally, in addition to your own personal clothes, there are also soft-textured clothes. Because machine washing cannot distinguish the texture of clothes, the clothes cannot withstand pulling and are easily deformed during the stirring and washing process. Many people are reluctant to wash by hand because the stains are difficult to remove, and the hands are too tiring to wash. Back to the topic, let’s take a look at the benefits of hand-washing clothes.

First, reduce the degree of damage to the clothes. The human hand is the best tool for feeling everything! Although the washing machine also has a gentle mode, I believe that there is nothing more powerful than the human hand. Feel the specific texture of each piece of clothing, and wash it with the corresponding intensity, which can ensure the minimum damage to the clothing to the greatest extent. The suitable focus for washing is the collar, cuffs and hem.

Second, the clothes are not easily deformed. Unless it’s cheap and poor clothes, our clothes can’t withstand pulling, and it can’t tell the texture of the clothes. If you choose the gentle mode, although it is gentle, it will take a relatively long time to wash – long soaking will only shorten the life of the clothes! Pay attention to clean spots, these spot stains are easy to remove with our laundry products.

Third, do it once, don’t wait. Washing machines, what we do know is that non-colored clothes must be washed separately. So, I can only wait one night to wash so many different colors of clothes. Hand wash, one-time use, no waiting!