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Is liquid or powder detergent better for washing machine?

Is liquid or powder detergent better for washing machine

Front-loading washing machines and top-loading washing machines are very convenient for washing clothes. We no longer need to struggle to do so much laundry. When washing clothes in a washing machine, detergent is essential. Detergents in supermarkets are known as liquid detergents and powder detergents. However, many people do not know which one is more suitable for washing clothes in the washing machine.

First of all, let me introduce washing powder to you. People who have washed clothes should know that when we use washing powder for a long time, our hands will be red and swollen. That’s because the washing powder contains alkaline substances, and when the washing powder contacts our skin for a long time, it will burn our hands. In the past, people would wear gloves to wash clothes. Since the emergence of items such as liquid laundry detergent, our hands have also been freed when washing clothes.

Liquid laundry detergent has only become popular in recent years, and unlike laundry detergent, it is liquid. Laundry liquid contains leavening agents and surfactants, which have a caring effect on clothes, and they will still smell good after washing. One advantage of laundry detergent is that compared to the high alkalinity of laundry detergent, it is neutral and does not burn hands, so it does not matter if it is in direct contact with the skin.

From the perspective of environmental protection, I highly recommend that you use items such as liquid laundry detergent. After all, liquid laundry detergent contains very strong chemical substances. If the wastewater from the washing machine is discharged into the sewer, it may cause pollution to the environment. The liquid will not have such a problem.

Mistakes in using the washing machine

Misunderstanding 1: Putting disinfectant and washing powder at the same time

The ingredients in the disinfectant will interact with the washing powder and be harmful to human skin.

Suggestion: Soak the clothes to be washed with disinfectant first, and then wash the clothes according to the normal steps with washing powder after rinsing.

Myth 2: The more powder or liquid detergent you put in, the better

Many people think that the more washing powder or liquid detergent is added, the cleaner the clothes will be washed. In fact, this is a wrong concept, because when the amount of detergent in the water is saturated, the excess detergent cannot increase the cleaning power.

To use detergent efficiently and economically, it is necessary to take the appropriate amount according to the amount of water used in laundry.

Suggestion: firstly add half the amount according to the instructions of the laundry detergent, if there is less foam, then add it gradually.

Myth 3: Soak overnight and then wash

Many people like to soak clothes for a long time before washing them. They think that the longer the soaking time, the cleaner they will be. However, the fact is the opposite. If the soaking time is too long, the chemicals in the laundry detergent and the stains in the clothes are more easily decomposed, giving off a bad smell and taking a long time. , it will get into the fibers of the clothes and cause the clothes to fade.

Recommendation: Soak dirty clothes for 15 minutes. Even heavy clothes should not soak for more than 30 minutes.

Soak overnight and then wash

Myth 4: Clothes are kept together for washing

Sweat stains from the clothes you wear will remain on the clothes, and the clothes soaked in sweat are prone to mold. If they are mixed with other clothes to be washed, the scope of pollution will expand, and a large number of clothes will accumulate together. wash.

Recommendation: The amount of laundry in each wash should account for at most about 70% of the inner drum volume of the washing machine.

Myth 5: Closing the lid after using the washing machine

Closing the cover or door after using the washing machine is not conducive to the evaporation of residual water in the machine and will accelerate the growth of germs.

Suggestion: Air-dry the washing machine before closing the lid after use, and dry the water in the lid gasket of the front-load washing machine.

Myth 6: A lot of stuff is stuffed in the inner tube of the washing machine

Summer clothes are relatively thin and easy to clean; while winter clothes are generally heavy, and even a few cotton-padded clothes can fill the washing machine. In addition, many friends are accustomed to accumulating dirty clothes for a week for centralized washing…

Suggestion: In fact, the washing machine has its own rated washing capacity, which represents the maximum washing capacity of the washing machine. Filling too many clothes will easily damage the motor due to overloading, and it will also make the machine “jump”, the noise and vibration are very large, and the Clothes do not stretch fully and are not clean.

Do you have a new understanding of whether to use laundry detergent or laundry detergent for laundry? Don’t rely on the washing machine to wash some of our dirty clothes. We should pay attention to the washing label. If it is suitable for hand washing, it is better to wash it by yourself, otherwise, the clothes will become very wrinkled.