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Why can’t the drum washing machine use high foam washing powder?

Why can't the drum washing machine use high foam washing powder

The design of the front-load washing machine is different from the traditional washing machine. Its “drum” device makes it have the characteristics of saving water and energy resources.

It uses very little water during washing and rinsing. The front-load washing machine uses a lot less water than a traditional washing machine to wash the same amount of laundry (about 45 liters per large volume vs. about 212 liters for a traditional washing machine).

Due to the small amount of water, if there is too much foam during the washing process, in addition to causing incomplete rinsing, there will be a problem of foam overflow, and it may also cause the washing machine pump to overheat or add more water, which will prolong the washing process. , thereby wasting water and energy.

These excess suds can also lead to residue build-up because they are not easily rinsed off, which can lead to unpleasant odors, potential machine failure, or damage over time. Therefore, the drum washing machine needs to use different washing formulations than usual.

Extended information:

The design principle of front-load washing machines is different from that of ordinary pulsator washing machines, and their mechanical force and requirements for foam are also different. Ordinary medium and high foam washing powder will cause the drum washing machine to overflow and even cause damage. Therefore, the drum washing machine should use low-foaming washing powder.

If you must use laundry detergent, it is also possible, but be careful to use low-foaming laundry detergent, and the amount is small. When using, pour the laundry detergent directly into the drum, not into the washing box. Otherwise, in the rinsing stage, the laundry liquid remaining on the box will be mixed with clean water, making the clothes unclean.

Washing with a drum washing machine, it is best to use a special washing powder with ultra-concentration and ultra-low foam. In addition, the formula preferably contains active oxygen and biological enzymes. You can use the heating washing function (40-60 ℃) of the drum washing machine to activate the washing powder. The activity of active oxygen and biological enzymes is the largest at 50 ° C, and its super decontamination effect is maximized.